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Hi Community,

Possibly a bit of an unusual one here as I'm sure it's fairly common practice to issue company mobile phones to any employee who may need / is expected to need a mobile phone as part of their role (i.e. field based sales people). 

For whatever reason, as a company we've never done this.  I think in large part as we've never really had a team of BDM's and instead have been used to our Directors taking on the new business/field sales role.  We're now growing as a business and have recently recruited a number of BDM's - as you'd expect, they are (justifiably) shocked when we advise we don't provide company mobile phones (nor do we currently provide an allowance of any kind).

We've rectified this and are purchasing a number of mobiles to issue to relevant staff, however this has all raised a query about the use of personal mobiles for business purposes. Specifically, the ownership of client/company data when it's held on a personal mobile phone (as a result of having to use the phone for business purposes).

I've been tasked with putting a policy together to cover us for this; whilst we're purchasing a number of company mobiles phones to try and remove the issue, I'm sure there will still be cases where an employee uses the personal mobile phone for work purposes (perhaps even if just having access to work emails).

Does anyone have any policies or handbook wording that they're happy to share??

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Becky

    This sounds like an interesting one and one you are quite rightly getting on top of.  I am not sure whether a bring your own device to work policy may help? But I have included some info here as it looks like it has some sensible advice which would apply to your situation.   I would also expect that the you would need to ensure any confidentiality clauses were drafted appropriately widely enough to apply to the personal mobile phones.

    There is also some really sensible advice and well written from the ICO here which covers some really good points from a data protection perspective:

    Also here is a template policy which I sourced from an IT website I thought this may provide some useful insights.

    I hope this is of use!

    Good luck


    PS Don't forget to ensure employees are aware of the benefit in kind implications once they start using their work mobiles.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much for all this info - really helpful!

      I also hadn't even considered the benefit in kind implications so thanks for point that out!

      Many thanks 


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