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After a bit of advice!

Our Sales team is going to need to start working Saturday mornings - they're going to do this on a rota basis so that each person should only have to do 1 or 2 a month.  At the moment their contracts cover a 40 hour working week and 22 days holiday (+bank hols) per annum.

The Director isn't keen to enforce that they take the equivalent half day off during the same week they work the Saturday, meaning they will end up working more than 40 hours per week on some occasions.  Our contracts cover the working time regs and opt employees out of the 48-hour working week (unless they specify otherwise) so I just need to check what we do, if anything, with holiday entitlements?

If they opt to have the Saturdays as TOIL then this of course will get added to their holiday entitlement for the year so they can use the time when they (and the business) choose.  However if they get paid for the Saturdays as 'overtime' do we need to account for an element of holiday accrual?  

Or, if we amend our contracts for these people to increase the contractual working hours, and keep the holiday as it is (22 days), then is that sufficient as it covers no further holiday being accrued? 

Sorry for the ramble - hope that makes sense and someone can help!

Many thanks 


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  • Morning Becky

    This sounds like an interesting one and I guess it depends on if you amend the existing contractual hours or apply the requirement to work Saturdays as non-guarnteed or guranteed overtime. 

    If the latter you will need to include the hours worked as part of the calculation for a weeks' holiday pay.  If the former then a weeks' leave would simply increase to take into account whatever the average weekly hours would be under the new arrangements.

    It will be interesting to see how many agree to the variation of contract, I guess you will need to make sure you consult, consult, consult in order to obtain their agreement to the variation.

    It would be interesting if anyone else have any views on this?

    Kind regards


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