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Hi all,

If you, like me have been busy signing for all manner of online HR bulletins, HR e-groups, HR updates etc etc you are probably (again, like me) a little bit overwhelmed by the ever-filling inbox of information.

I'd now like to streamline a little, by subscribing to the most effective of these sources to provide me with what I need - and getting rid of the rest. 

I currently tend to use LinkedIn for summary emails from CIPD and local branch, People management, HSE, ILM, DPG (of course!).  

I also follow several HR contacts on Twitter - notably Mike Collins (of course!), Perry Timms, Gemma Reucroft plus a few others.

So, can I ask what sites, journals, bulletins etc you use/recommend to keep you updated on the latest HR/L&D news and advice? We should be able to create a pretty useful list of resources/contacts between all of us!



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  • Hi Steve,

    We've just started curating a Flipboard magazine called the 21st Century HR Professional. Pulling together blogs, articles and resources that are relevant and of interest to the modern HR pro.

    Check it out here and subscribe :-)

  • I tend to get a lot of my stuff from blogs so subscribe to RSS feeds really  - there is a couple of good posts on blogs here and here with some good blogs to subscribe too.

    You can download the People Management app on iphone (don't think it's out on Android) and also subscribe to the HR Magazine RSS feed

    Like you I also get a huge amount of value from Twitter and using Twitter lists to filer content by category...we share good stuff on @DPGplc and @DPG__Events

    I'd also suggest joining the CIPD Google Plus community and LinkedIn groups but I think you have done already.

    The skill is not in how many resources you can access (as there are so may) the skill is in finding the right people to follow and finding relevant content that is relevant and adds value to your professional development and industry awareness. It also needs to be from an accurate source.

    I also love Scoop It and follow lots of great topics where other people find content and 'scoop it' to their online magazines so they do the hard work and find content for you.....

    In many ways traditional media is in decline as the internet provides most information and social acts as the filter and commentary....


    • Thanks Mike,

      Some really useful links on there. Can't believe I forgot to mention @DPGplc !


      • You're forgiven :)

  • Hi Steve

    Off the top of my head I couldn't tell you but there are quite a few. I'll aim to make a list of the next few days as they come through to my inbox. Have to say some are more useful than others!


    • Tks Rach,

      I  get loads as well - just want to cut down a bit rather than be overwhelmed by them all and miss out on relevant news and updates.


  • Great topic Steve look forward to what we get back....

This reply was deleted.

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