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If you've been watching the olympics you may have been glued to your seats with the action in the Velodrome


I will listening to Sir Chris Hoy explain why the GB cycling team is so successsful and the concept of the 'aggregation of marginal gains'.  It then got me thinking how this could apply to HR, or do you think HR works more on the 80 20 principle?

Anyway I dug out some more info on this concept and also performance coaching in general hope this is of interest!




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  • Fascinating article and my partner and I were talking about this last it night after Jason Kenny won gold. Nothing is overlooked as the article suggests, pillows, hand gel, seats, materials the list goes on and on. You cannot argue with the evidence however and so much success over this period of time shows how powerful the aggregation of marginal gains can be when applied to sports. 

    Can this also be applied to HR? I'm not sure...you can apply marginal gains to costs & KPI's (or things that impact KPI's) like productivity or processes. The achilles heel for HR will always be accurate measurement (and L&D for this matter). However I think you can apply the concept and look to improve lots of things by a small margin across a lot of HR and L&D activities. Providing this doesn't impact the service we provide then it is something worth looking at and learning from.

    This came up a  little while ago and it's got a great video to explain the concept further than the above article - check it out.

    Marginal Gains Theory

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