Word Count For CHR

Hi, Need some guidance. The assignment for CHR states that the total word count is 2600. Is this for all the three sections in total? It has three activitiers but to be submitted as one document.. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thank you


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  • Its for all 3 sections in total, plus 10%

  • Hi Nehal

    This post has started a discussion on the main home page.

    If you want to run your questions by DPG staff, remember to use the Getting Support tab in your study group.


    • Dear Gary,

      I realised and posted in the right study group. Apologies.


      • That's great. With that in mind - can I close the discussion?

        Remember that the getting support tab is the best way to contact DPG staff - not the forums


      • No apologies necessary :)

        I'm happy to help

  • Hi Nehal,

    2600 is a total word count for entire assignment, excluding referencing and bibliography.

    Good luck,


    • Thank you Diliara

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