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Hi all

So earlier this week in my Level 5 group we were discussing employee e voice and I was surprised that over half of the group use something called Yammer to connect with their workforce.

Later that day I was reading a back issue of people management of how companies are using technology to support their recruitment practices and some sounded really sci - fi like

I must admit no longer working in a large corporate environment I sometimes feel a bit of a luddite when it comes to HR and technology.

So it would be great to hear what is going on out there best practice wise and how your organisation uses technology to support HR.

Please do share

All the best



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  • Sorry about the longer post here but this is an interesting thread and one close to my heart. You can't go anywhere without reading about technology advances and how technology is influencing the what,when and how we work. Like this post here..


    Social and Collaborative technologies have been dominating the L&D landscape for the last few years with more and more organisations adopting these 'social' tools like Yammer with varying degrees of success. HR also have a vested interest here around communication and employee engagement / experience.

    I don't think anyone will argue that technology is changing the way in which we work although the speed of this change depends on the type of role and nature of the organisation with other factors such as culture and available technology infrastructure playing a big part in successful adoption. 

    Dion Hinchcliffe is something of a thought leader in this field and has for years commented on how technology is impacted the workforce. For me it is massively importantly for both HR and L&D leaders and professionals to be abreast of such tools and for them to understand their value and role model how these tools can be used....as ultimately we aren't talking about being more social.....although this often gets the headlines. These tools in my opinion can improve:

    • Knowledge sharing
    • Connecting emplyees & internal networks of people
    • Innovation
    • Agility
    • Communication
    • Productivity
    • Efficiency 
    • Supporting remoter workers
    • Providing more opportunitis for flexible working
    • Collaboration

    To name but a few - the successful organisations don't get this right straight away - they evolve as they become more confident in using tools like Yammer - organisational maturity in using new tools is also a factor as with anything new people will use it in anyway they think is right - not often seen as productive use. The easy thing is to say "this isn't working and it's a distraction" and pull the plug - often coming from a lack of understanding. However the enlightened organisations (sorry Steve) won't just stop it, they will continue to experiment and find ways in which is does add value by bhelping people do their jobs faster, quicker and improving processes etc. Slowly slowly as with any change behaviours and expectations will change and these tools become the way we work and just the way we do things around here.

    Yammer (bought by Microsoft recently) is just one of many tools in this space and it's a massive market with many big tech organisations creating platforms under the banner of Enterprise Networks as the following post covers


    I'm a big believer in these tools as I've seen first hand what a positive influence they can have on people's work and I'm also a big advocate for HR and L&D playing a big part in adopting these tools to support our employees do their jobs more effectively and feel more connected with the organisation they work for. 

    I'd like to hear from anyone who successfully uses a tool like Yammer in their organisations......there are a lot out there!

  • We used Yammer for a couple of months..  It turned into a bit too much of a distraction for some staff so they refused to use it.  Others used it far too much - leading to the Directors questioning if they were being effective in their jobs if they spent so much time on yammer!

    It didn't stay long, and I don't think it's missed.


  • Hi Sarah,

    I can't add much support in relation to technology in HR but have used Yammer in past jobs and I have heard some horror stories from it being used in Universities due to people using it anonymously! Lecturers and students have been victimised and bullied through the platform so I'm not a huge fan I must say!



    • Crikey thanks Adele I had not thought about it in that way so I guess I need
      update social media policies for clients' organisations who use Yammer!!<br />
      <br />
      Thanks<br />
      <br />
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