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Following on from our staff performance reviews I've received lots of requests for practical help with feedback. So I am working on producing three 60-90 minute sessions on the subjects of giving, receiving and asking for feedback. 

Has anyone out there worked on something similar within your organisation and if so do you have any suggestions, recommendations or signposts to any info that may help please? 

Thanks very much. 


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  • Hi Melanie,

    Good to see you comment on the forum.

    I use BOOST and EEC as two tools.

    BOOST  - Balanced, Observed, Objective and Timely and EEC which is Example, Effect, Change or Continue. 

    I am sure that you will find them on the internet, if not give me a call.


  • Hi Melanie.

    Great question. Thanks for sharing. I like the fact that this has come about from people asking for help. Always the signs of a successful initiative when it's something that responds to your customers needs ;-) I'm wondering whether these conversations could be took further to delve a bit deeper? What specifically do people need support with? What challenges do they find with giving, receiving and asking for feedback? What stories have they to share about what's worked well and what hasn't?

    There's a couple of approaches I'm thinking of with how to get these conversations going. One approach would be to carry these out first, informally perhaps and then use the information you gather to shape what the sessions may contain.

    Another approach, my preference, is that your first 90 minute session IS the conversation. Divided into small groups, I can imagine people discussing key questions. Things like....

    - What challenges do you find with feedback (giving, receiving, asking)

    - What has worked well for you?

    - What hasn't worked well for you?

    - Using the internet, what resources can you find that provide useful techniques to help with feedback?

    Rotating groups around these tables in a World Cafe style session could work really well. You will no doubt find that this gives you some useful information that could help you figure out what the next 90 minute session might entail. You will probably also find that some of the support people need come from those discussions.

    You could do a mixture of the two approaches. Perhaps run an event like this for a smaller group, before then using that information to create something for the rest.

    I've run these type of sessions a few times now and had some really good feedback. People appreciate the fact that they are given complete autonomy to drive the content through a journey of discussion and self-discovery. This is opposed to a typical training event where the agenda is decided in advance and people are guided through pre-determined content. Instead, it's a very personalised experience based on the needs of that group.

    I'm interested to hear your views Melanie. How would you see that working for you? Please let me know if you think I'm off the beaten track with that though :-)


    • Hi Ady, 

      Thanks so much for replying, I really appreciate it. I love the idea of running the first session as you suggested, however they really want a finished product to show the staff that we're listening and are there to support them in the areas of their personal development that they feel they need, which I understand.

      That said, there would be nothing worse than someone coming into the session thinking they want to learn about how to give feedback well and not dealing with the ultimate problem, which is understanding how they receive feedback. 

      I think you're right that I need to run an exercise where they challenge themselves to ask what they need and why. 

      I've held World Cafe sessions before and they were great but for the last Away Day I ran, for a department that were trying to develop their strategy, I designed a series of exercises using Edward de Bono's 6 Thinking Hats concept, sparkly coloured top hats and all. It was really successful... and great fun. Perhaps there wouldn't be time for that though! 

      It's a particularly tough subject matter though because it truly isn't one size fits all. 

      You've given me lots to think about; thank you so much. 


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