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A Digital strategy for employees?

Hi Folks,

Perhaps there is someone in DPG land who has, from experience, a framework around which a digital strategy for employees can be built please? I suspect it might be horses for courses, but...

There seem to be plenty of organisations that have a 'digital by default strategy' for their customers, but I have found nothing of similar value for approaching, engaging and evaluating the abilities of those employees who will actually deliver that company initiative itself (unless the search engine is deliberately hiding it...).

Can anyone help with any pointers please?

If you are able to add to the below 'thoughts list' I'd greatly appreciate it please, I'd consider the below some of the key elements ;

  • Agile skills driven assessment of current position, with support where it might be necessary to continuously develop that skills gap
  • Simple and intuitive processes
  • Consider the retention of current process (digital is not always godly and a Plan B always helps)
  • Use of only those platforms which are relevant and robust
  • Metrics that support evaluation and 360 feedback of activities
  • Achieving cost efficiencies and customer / employee enrichment / satisfaction / engagement 

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  • Hi Jason 

    Great post and questions posed. I think many organisations and Learning & Development teams are now having to think about this more deeply in terms of how customers whether internal or external interact with technology. The world is increasingly becoming more digital and social in terms of the ways and means for people to work, connect and collaborate. 

    This impacts many things from the way in which people interact and use technology and how this derives value at personal and organisational level.

    For me there is big education required and efforts must be made by organisations to develop digital literacy for their employees but also develop the capability and confidence of L&D professionals so they can make best use of the digital tools available.

    There is no easy answer here but looking to the education sector for developing digital skills in young people which are absolutely transferable in to a business context. There are some excellent things we can tap in to such as 

    Skills 21 -

    Blended learning implementation guide -

    Digital literacies -

    Digital Literacies 2 -

    I also follow a great Scoop it magazine on digital learning

    Whilst this might not be the answer you're looking for I think developing a digital stategy for employees needs to be first based on education and awareness.

    What does your organisation require of it's employees in terms of digital knowledge and systems? What skills does L&D need to support this? Here is an interesting paper of building Learning Ecosystems looking at the wider impact of technology on learning & performance 

    It's interesting that the CIPD have just released a free MOOC on working digitally in HR / L&D - you may want to take a look at this here

    Let me know what you think as this is a great discussion very relevant to many organisations / L&D teams.

    • Thanks Mike, I appreciate your thoughts and links.

      I'd like to think that the digital revolution has elevated us from 'recyclers' to 'innovators' (of a sort) and must admit that my quest for knowledge/skills/innovation has involved me in recent times to involve myself in discussions that I would never have had access to or thought of previously in years gone by (you know - those days when we wrote on acetates haha). I love the concept of 'digital tribes', of which by now I must be a member of a fair few that I hop in and out of, each adding value to the jigsaw that has become L&D for an agile and growing business.I'll have a look at the links for sure. I did sign up for the CIPD MOOC and started the process myself, but didn't feel it particularly engaged me well. I may return to it again though (Im sure I will). I work for an organisation who are reasonably more relaxed than most digitally and the thought of someone picking up a mobile phone and tapping away doesn't immediately incite negativity from others (largely). We use Yammer to communicate internally, so the Yammer mobile app for example is handy.

      We are in the throes of a digital strategy for our customers ourselves to improve digital engagement with them, however, as I mentioned, a framework to bring employees along with this concept as broadly as possible to take on the many differing learning styles as possible could certainly help engage them. We are a real mix of digital immigrants right now.

      I guess I am hoping that others might have reached or passed this point in their own businesses, so looking for pointers of innovation from a practitioner's birds eye view might support my initial thoughts. Saying that, theres nothing wrong with having a go and it not working but Id rather know I was on a more certain track to put energies into....

      What are the barriers? (time, budget, commitment, etc)

      What are the challenges? (logistics, available technology)

      What are the benefits? (engagement, cost, process)

      Back to reading, cheers again Mike.

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