Action Mapping

I attended the a L&D roundtable event this morning and one of the sessions was around Action Mapping.

Action Mapping which was introduced by Cathy Moore, is a visual approach to instructional design which can help you get clients and SME's to agree to activity rich, relevant materials.

I have attached a link with further information about this useful approach.




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  • Hi Karen

    I really like Cathy Moores approach as a starting point but it can never replace an in-depth needs analysis. I would say that is it useful to begin those tentative steps to becoming more consultative in L&D.

    I have written a book called "How Not To Waste Your Money On Training" which goes deeper than this approach so you can align yourself with the organisational needs and then provide evidence (and data) to back up your decisions. it even shows you how to analyse data without doing any maths!

    kind regards


  • HI Karen,

    A great share. I love the work of Cathy Moore particularly given the approach tends to deselect projects where training or learning aren't going to solve the issue.

    An example I can think of is where I've seen sales training being applied in an under-performing organisation as way to get the sales people to sell, sell, sell. But the skills of the sales people weren't causing the low sales. With an Organisational Development approach on, I can remember the L&D team in that organisation identifying that the problem of under performance wasn't really related to the sales people at all. It could be attributed instead to other areas one being the creaking sales system. That was the real issue. What was needed was an IT intervention more than a learning one.

    That's what I like about the approach, it gets people (L&D professionals as well as business leaders) really think holistically.

    Over the years we've become order takers in L&D taking instruction from business leaders on what should be done. Sometimes, what we're given is the right approach but often it is not. Cathy Moore's flowchat is a great way of evaluating that.

    I've put the video that demonstrates the flowchart that supports this article as this week's video on the DPG Community L&D Zone. It's a worthwhile watch for all.


    L and D Zone
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    • Ah thanks Ady - great to see the video as well :)

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