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Change is all around us, and in the face of change in our working and wider worlds, it can be a key driver of both development and growth. 

In Ilie Chiciuc’s article on the eLearning industry website called ‘9 Tips for Creating an Agile Learning Culture’ (click here to access) he talks about the fact that in this age of continually advancing technology, employers need to keep up, which inevitably means change.  Likewise, the employee has to keep up with this change – and that usually means learning

The key is for this learning to be agile.  At a simple level we can define agile as ‘able to move quickly and easily’, or if you dig a little deeper, you will come across other terms such as dexterous or even ‘twinkle-toed’.  (Sounds like the survival of the fittest whatever you call it.)

Going beyond the already appealing notion of a troupe of super strong, curious and nimble-footed learners, the article advocates a whole culture of agile learning where it has ‘a place in all areas of the organization and at all levels of the organization’.

Some of the tips included relate well to discussions and hot topics shared recently in DPG’s community and beyond, with reference to lifelong learning, micro-learning, mobile learning and collaborative learning.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please come and join the discussion – I’ve asked a few key questions to get your started below:


What does agile learning mean to you?

Are you an agile learner?  If yes, what are your characteristics?  If no, what are the barriers?

Does your organisation have an agile learning culture?

Which of the 9 tips in the article are the most crucial to you in developing an agile learning culture?  Why?

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  • Hi Kathryn,

    Great post. I would say yes I'm an agile learner. A lot of my work as you know is in the digital arena and I don't think you can be anything but an agile learner in this field. There's so much new stuff to get your head around that you have to be prepared to learn new things all the time and often quickly. What also comes into play is the technicalities of the software that I use. Some of the Adobe products that I use for example are so powerful and versatile, that it would take an age to learn everything in it's entirety (if that's possible).  For that reason, I find myself learning just what I need to know to get a job done knowing that I can return and learn some more when I'm ready.

    Our team definitely has an agile learning culture. We've always got our eye on the industry and new stuff, sharing with each other in a very collaborative way. It's what helps us keep ideas flowing, our content design up to speed and our community with fresh content.

    I'll have a think on the article and probably have another read and digest. For now, there's something that resonates with me in creating a vision. More to follow on that!

    • Thanks for this Ady - and you are so right that in the digital world this ability to be agile is essential - as you say you are (and need to be) learning all the time, and fast.  

      I really like your point about learning what you need at the point in time to get the job done, this point resonates with the concept of micro learning in discussions recently.  Part of that approach to 'learning' for me is actually more about learning 'where' I can find information I need, (i.e. not always about retaining/storing all that information) - I often find, for example when using Articulate Storyline, that I may go and access similar information several times on separate occasions.  Knowing I don't have to 'retain' that knowledge/skill, & actually all I have to do is go back to the access point (or indeed find a different one) I find strangely reassuring as I am not in overload (which is really important to me).

      I have other thoughts & questions in my head now too - surely there's a benefit in being agile in more ways than learning?  Does there need to be a predominantly agile approach to work too?  With agile management? And agile processes and systems? 

      This whole concept of 'agile' is intriguing me...

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