The official theme is "change and building resilience" this year.

The subject is a year too late for us as our business went through this last year, so we are widening the scope to include work/life balance and hopefully some wellbeing and mindfulness.

We might do some work on the after-effects of major change and how to maintain resilience in the face of further change.

We are also going to do a survey and a display on "learning culture" in the hope I might be able to use the survey results in my CIPD project.

We have a few speakers to provide lunchtime presentations (one on caving, another on karate, we are also asking our occ health nurse and our fitness instructor to do talks and might get a few other speakers yet) and we'll be doing a quiz and building a poster that everyone can contribute to (writing a few words on their most interesting hobby or outside interest) and be rewarded with prizes! We will also have an external trainer installed in our training room doing two days of "drop in clinics" for pc skills.

It's very early days yet, and we still have lots to organise, but we missed out on the official goodies last year as we started too late. That was ok, as we created our own bespoke goodies which was fine as we were a new business, but this year we have got in early to get the official look for our week :)

Anyone else planning anything?

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  • That all sounds great Alison! We are also getting involved but are a bit restricted time wise so will be focusing on daily "top tips" emails, intranet articles, posters and branded goodies.

    Thanks for the links Mike, I'll have a read throught to see what other ideas we can borrow!

    • That sounds great Lauren - just so long as your staff don't feel too overburdened already with e mails. I would love to do something like that as a matter of course, but suspect our managers would either just delete them, or moan!

      We have had discussions in the past and I have discovered there is no point even communicating with them "normally" by e mail as they don't read them!

      I used to post useful or interesting articles and links about once a week onto our business Yammer account, but have reduced it now to just every now and again, very infrequently, as I don't think anyone was ever even looking at it! I was just wasting my time. :)

      I'm sure there aren't many workplaces as old fashioned as mine in terms of preferred communications style. It's more or less expected to be face to face or nothing at our place! (I've not worked anywhere like it since my first job, which was before the internet was heard of!)

      Hope your week goes well:)

  • Sounds like you've got some great plans already Alison. The link to the initiative is below if anyone wants to know more :)

    There are webinars and starter packs available to help with ideas and things and to do

    Learning at work week

    Also worth reflecting back on things that you and other community members did last year Alison #blastfromthepast 

    Learning and work week 2014

    • Haha thanks Mike, I enjoyed the blast from the past!

This reply was deleted.

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