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I've been asked to research how many 'training days per employee per year'  other organisations aim for. What pledges or targets do you set employees re learning?

I appreciate this measure is getting out-of-date in light of modern learning practices but I'd appreciate any responses!

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  • Hi Lynn,

    I'm interested to hear more about what you're looking to do here.

    Havig a target training days per employee is big challenge I'd say. So many factors to consider. The varying skills from role to role, the introduction of new products, services and systems all play a part. Then there's the individual personal development of each person to consider that may vary widely. And perhaps much more to be able to list.

    I guess you could look historically at training records and try and make sense of this by averaging out hours per employee. You could perhaps do this by role, job title, level of seniority etc if you wanted to.

    That's perhaps quite a lot of work to undergo I think which would make me wonder whether what you intend to use this information for is worth that work? 

    If you're looking to collate this information to make 'pledges' to employees, perhaps a statement about the approach to training/learning/development without an indication of quantity might be a worthwhile consideration?

    Interested to hear your thoughts Lynn.

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