I'd be really grateful to hear of any recommendations of simple models to introduce the concept of managing change throughout an organisation.

I have worked in many places where change was a constant, and in the most part was accepted as normal by the majority.  On reflection, I also think it was well managed by leaders.

Where I work now, it is less like this and I would like to be able to share and promote change tools which will helps teams embrace and be able to work more effectively in an environment where change is happening.


Thanks for your guidance.


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  • Hi Gillian

    Just incase you wanted to explore change management theories in more depth, I've just completed a piece on 'Managing Transitions in the Workplace'.. which looks at the 'William Bridges' Transition model.. worth a read.



  • Hi Gillian,

    We use the Kubler-Ross change curve to allow people to understand the natural human responses to change. 

    Another one is the ADKAR approach which helps you identify what areas you may need to work on if you are experiencing resistance. 


  • Hi Gillian. A couple spring to mind...


    • Kubler-Ross Change Curve
    • Lewin's Change Management Model 

    Hope that helps!

    • Hi

      Thank you for sharing your ideas; I will look in to them 


      • I will put you some on when I get back in Gillian but I would have a look at Kotter's 8 Stage model as a starter.


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