Hi fellow L&D Professionsls,

I’m looking through the current rules & regs on how many people we can work with in a face-to-face setting. It’s a minefield of information on the .gov.uk website and nothing specific which says how many we can work with. I’ve tried to extrapolate from the information about the hospitality sector, pubs and family bubbles. 

Does anyone have any advice? What size will groups be? We work more outside than inside, so does this change numbers at all according to the rules?

I’d be really keen to hear what others are doing or intending to do, particularly for face-to-face group sessions.

Many thanks!


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  • Hi Jonathan, 

    Having done alot of risk assessment reading and BCP plans - it really is organisational driven.  The training venue loaction, training rooms, facilities, building layout all play a major influence.

    For example - one gorgoeus building in central London of one of my clients where 15 years of training was hosted is no longer viable.  The staircases are too small and doesn't allow for two people to pass safely, there is no alturnative route to pass, the room sizes would mean we could only safely host 4 people max and that doesn't make it finacailly viable.  Loos are only one in and out and the cost of extra cleaning staff means that venue would run at a loss.

    However, I have been liasin with hotels to review their risk assessement and covid safety policy and their layout means they can get one way systems in, safe to pass, can fit 10 delegates in a room with a 2 metre distance so that could work.  We are also negotiating discounted rates for the larger rooms as they are not in demand or in use.

    We have found that if people can drive to the venue and avoid public transport this a big tick box.  The work that I'm gearing up for is for a company - they will have their own assessment and new procedures that I will need to view and agree.

    Questions to ask:

    How can learners get there?

    Keeping with government guidelines of ideally 2 meters apart - how many learners can comfortable fit into the room and what is the impact to cost vs profit.

    What facilities are there - how can leaners get fed, watered, loos, break out areas.

    If you are outside, think of a back up plan for if it rains, is there still an inside space that could be used whilst compling  with the government guidelines.  Hope this helps.

    Happy to speak off line if you need.



    • Thanks for such a comprehensive reply Sarah. This is all really useful and interesting. The situation certainly seems to be evolving (although it's not yet clear which way). 

      We've been working on the basis of 6 (including facilitator) inside, although we have looked at our indoor spaces and with distancing we can fit more in. We're particularly looking at spaces where we can have plenty of open windows for increased ventilation. We'll be adding to our joining instructions to bring plenty of warm layers as windows may be open in autumn!

      I'll share your thoughts with my immediate team. Thanks again for such a great reply!


    • Thanks for sharing, Sarah. It's great to get a feel for how people are dealing with the situation on an actual practical level.


  • We also have to have a one way system in place, notices around reinforce social distance, plus  tape across chairs that are not to be used to ensure social distance remains

  • Hi

    Work in higher education, whilst we have put a lot of our learning online we also now need face to face. Ours would be inside but we have been informed to still keep with the 2 metre distance. Therefore a classroom that would usually accommodate 24 we can only have 6. 

    After each session cleaning has to take place then teach another 6.


    • Thanks Michelle, sounds like you've got a solid approach. I'm certainly hearing a theme of just 6 socially distanced learners inside.


  • Hi Jonathon.

    I'm afraid I don't have the answer. I've looked on the internet too and through this month's People Management and can't find mention of it. Sorry I can't help but I wanted you to know that you aren't the only one that can't find the answer!

    Good luck with it!


    • Thanks Gary - good to know I'm not alone! I've asked around and there's nothing definite out there, but the best answer I've heard is 6 people indoors (inlcuding facilitator) and up to 30 outdoors (socially distancing). All would need to be risk-assessed for CV19. 

      All the best


      • That's interesting. What's your source?


This reply was deleted.

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