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Hi all


I'm currently looking for someone who would be able to provide a workshop at Team Management level around what a good customer service experience looks like in a contact centre.

If any of you can make any recommendations or if you are this person, if you could get in touch that would be great!



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  • Whenever you are ready Jason, I’d be more than happy to have a chat. Just let me know. 

  • Hi Laura

    Can I ask who you chose in the end and how it went please? Looking for similar. :-)

    • Hi Jason, 

      If you would like a chat about your needs, I'd be more than happy to set some time up for an informal chat and to bounce around some ideas. Let me know if I can help at all.

      Best regards


      • Hi Rachel

        That sounds like a plan! Many thanks, lots of thoughts running round in my mind on a Friday night...I'll be stopping that soon though Im sure ;-)

  • I would be happy to discuss how we might be able to help you



    Employee experience is key to employee engagement – a free guide
    Retailers who care about the customers' experience will have more sales than those that don't. Likewise employers who care about the employees' exper…
  • Hi Laura

    this is absolutely something that I could help you with. I’d love to arrange a time when we could have a chat to find out more about your needs and give some suggestions. 

    Pop me an email to arrange a call -

    I look forward to hearing from you. 

    Best wishes


  • Hi Laura

    The company I work for, Knowledgepool, specialises in exactly this kind of delivery - can I put you in touch with one of our account managers?  Is your client public or private sector?


    • Hi Sally,

      That would be great! 

      Private sector.



      • Do you want to email me your contact details?

        I am not sure if we can do "DM"s on here!


  • I havent personally used this company, but have met with them to chat through our expectations which seemed well within their remit, perhaps worth a chat directly yourself?

    My contact is ;

    Gill Hornsby, Senior Consultant, +44 (0)7534 128 935

    Accelerator Solutions
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