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As we move every so quickly through the 21st century, we as a society, are faced with more innovation and challenge than ever before. We now live in an interconnected world, where the Internet and global communications are simultaneously uniting and isolating us as a society.

How do we raise critical thinkers to best face the challenges that face the modern world?

What changes in education methods should be implemented to  create a better learning environment for these budding minds?

How do we develop the skills to learn effectively both for ourselves and in those we develop learning for?

Check out this great infographic by Mentoring Minds to find out!

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  • It is very relevant not only to effective learning but a practical approach to becoming an authentic person and professional!!

  • This is so under valued and often unrecognised. When we promote social or network approaches to learning, we have to promote and encourage critical thinking - without it we're just promoting group think.

    • Well said Sam. I entirely agree.

      I would like to copy the bullets 1-25 above and hand them out to all the managers where I work, especially the more vocal and the more influential ones as they have more responsibility to ensure they have critically thought about things, before sharing their thoughts.

      ( I would only do that once I have had time to critically consider them and reflect, to draw my own conclusions of course!.. oh and yes I would make sure I referenced the source.... :))

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