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Hi everyone, 

I'm looking for recommendations of training to help with the design and creation of digital and microlearning. 

My company would like to start including videos and animations and more interactive elearning, so anything that covers these topics would be fab. 



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  • Came across this video on microlearning the other day and thought I'd share 


  • Hi Tracey,

    Depending on your circumstances, I would highly recommend looking at creating your own videos for training - this is something we did and as well as creating our own training videos, we encouraged staff to create their own micro-videos, with our coaching. This improved engagment and training retention and improved our skills. You would need to invest in a Video LMS but I personally feel the comaony gets much more out of it than buying in 'professional' video trainings. 


    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Tracey


    I would recommend you speak to an ex-colleague of mine who I would personally recommend for elearning design.  Here is his LinkedIn profile


    Cog-native are experts in designing and developing digital learning solutions.

    Specialising in:

    Design - Instructional design of blended learning; scripting and storyboarding a clear blueprint for the learning journey.

    eLearning - Developing e-learning courses that challenge, engage and equip learners with the toolkits they need to perform effectively.

    Video - Design and production of videos and animations to breathe life into the learning journey and tell the story in an engaging way.

    To discover more please visit: http://www.cog-native.com


  • I'm sort of on this journey myself, working for a small in house L & D team of a manufacturer. We started using adobe articulate (ok but not the best) and but we having learningpool's adapt builder soon which is a lot better. I think there's two sides to this, your experience with using a authoring tool, and your experience with digital creation in general. I had to do it the hard, although the most rewarding way which was simply to get stuck in with authoring tool 1st by referring to docs, and then trying to re-discover my artisitic side. This is funny, this started by painting with my 7 year old!

    In digital creation we started with free software: for logos and diagrams we used inkscape, for desktop publishing it was scribus. Eventually we got told off by IT for installing these (!) so we purchased Adobe creative cloud suite. Fantastic software, and really useful tutorials available from youtube. Search for "Dansky". We use illustrator to create images and logos, animate CC for simple animations, indesign for interactive infographics, Premier for video editing.  

    These are quite porwerful and can seem complicated so for something different google "videoscribe" for an interactive whiteboard/animation creator. 

  • Will you be doing the creating yourself or is this training for others to become good at content authoring?


    • Hi Mohammed, 

      For myself to create the content. 



  • Julie Dirksen's book - design for how people learn is really good

    It covers digital learning in certain sections relevant to the kind of problems you might want to use them for.

    I found it really useful


    • Thanks Adam, I'll check it out 


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