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Do You Flip?

Do you flip the classroom that is?

Training budgets are under scrutiny like never before. Technology is provided new and exciting opportunities to improve the way in which learning can be delivered and facilitated so is the way in whcih we deliver learning changing?

More and more schools, colleges and universities are using video and the flipped classroom approach to re-invent the way learning is facilitated and delivered.

Take a look at the below infographic to learn more about the approach and I'd love to know if you're using this approach or thinking of using this approach in your organisation.

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

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  • Here is another useful infographic on the subject


    • The idea of flipped classrooms is reasonable for students (on a course) who don't work full time and have available time to do the upfront learning/reading etc.

      I used to be a uni lecturer and the contact time with our students was reduced year in year out, till we were seeing them for workshops and very little else. It was to do with making full use of all the available space, and time-tabling rooms became a logistical nightmare for the adminstrators who had to negotiate with each other for the room space.

      The students might almost as well have been doing distance learning courses given the time they spent with the "lecturers" (and many students were working far more hours than they should have in between contact sessions, as they were so concerned about their student loan debt.) Many were on the back foot during workshops due to lack of preparation and I ended up having to work with a class with multiple levels of knowledge learnt from the pre workshop materials. Some wouldn't even have attempted the work and they missed out when it came to the discussions.

      If our classroom learning here in the manufacturing workplace environment was to be flipped, then we would need to provide enough "up front time" for our staff to do the work, and I think some managers would lack the discipline to let their staff have the time away from work to do it and some staff might lack the self discipline to do it.

      I would worry that they'd turn  up for workshops unprepared and not get the best out of the training course.

      The sort of courses that our staff do, that "flipping" in the above sense might work for, might include negotition skills, presentation skills and managerial skills. (For some of these they are asked to prepare work but not to actually study any theory in advance generally.) Maybe OTJ assessor, SOP author and some H&S courses as well, depending upon who the delegates were and their factory role.

      We organise equipment training for our operational staff and engineers when equipment is new, then have follow up sessions 6 months later and then 12 months later. This gives them the opportunity to have a go with the equipment after initial training, and then through work to find out any problems and further questions in time for their next two training sessions.


  • Mike

    Great info I like the infographics from Knewton to explain, I think a lot of companys are going this way with their teaching styles with less classroom training and more eLearning packages (we are, here at Magnox Limited)but not so much of the support bit (perhaps we could provide support to people if they need it) but very similar stages.


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