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Good morning

We are currently considering an LMS but I would like to put together a short survey for staff and wondered what questions I may need to ask.  The obvious one is "have you used online learning before".  What questions would you consider important to ask? I want to keep the survey short and concise so i don't want to bog people down with too many questions.

Thanks for your input in advance.

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  • Great discussion. I like Nicole's point on 1-10 scales.

    In a previous role I introduced a Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement,similar to those used in customer service environments into every e-learning course we authored. The question 'How likely are you to recommend this course to a friend or colleague' was used asking them to answer on a scale of 0-10 and then give their reasons for doing so.

    Now, as you'd probably expect, there were some low scores from some individuals on the basis that some courses were mandatory and therefore they felt that they didn't have a reason to recommend. However, the majority of people gave a helpful score then gave some reasons behind why. This approach provided some really useful insight. The numbers themselves allowed you to see which courses were landed better than others. It was also useful to see the impact on the score when we turned up the production and engagement in those courses. You could benchmark one version against the next or one course to another. The comments were really helpful. They gave some useful insights on where we needed to focus our efforts. Examples I can remember included where audio wasn't cutting it and we had to turn to different narration styles. Or activities that we thought would engage were becoming annoying. Or on the flip side, activities that worked really well were shown up in the feedback.

    These questions are however focused on learner experience and perhaps, as Nicole says, some questions about how well things have been learned are worthwhile too. Either way, some carefully considered questions, but not too many seems to work well.

    Hope this helps. Great discussion thanks for posting.

  • If you're looking to understand who will engage and who may need further support - I always like the 1 - 10 scale - 'How confident are you about learning new skills?' How confident are you about learning via an online platform?' 

  • Hi Maxine,

    Totally depends on what you're looking to gain from the survey? What are the reasons you are considering an LMS in the first place?

    if you can add some more information I'm sure we can come up with some killer questions for you :)


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