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Great little article piece from Stephanie Morgan, Director of Learning Solutions, Bray Leino Learning on Training Zone .

Good stuff for all of us in L&D, and particularly useful for any Level 5 L&D participants completing their DBS (Designing & Developing Digital and Blended Learning Solutions).

In short the four ways are:

  • Become digitally literate
  • Get creative
  • Engage with stakeholders
  • Become agile

Click the link below to access the full blog:

4 ways L&D can support digital transformation

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  • I shared some tips on Digital Skills development the other day. They're quite simple and straight forward. It starts with STOPPING trying to climb the mountain because you'll never find the top!

    You can find the tips here.

    Are you going digital?
    Digital skills are vital now and a necessity in the not so distant future, but what does going digital really mean. What exactly are digital skills,…
  • I agree with all of those. Creativity is needed, robots can't provide that. Engaging with stakeholders too, that's always going to be necessary. And being agile... yep, we haven't got time to faff about these days! 

    Of course, I'm not ignoring the first one, digitally literate! You probably knew I'd pick on that one Kathryn. I've just been asked to write a piece on this topic and it was easy to focus it on the CPD we need around digital literacy. I agree with what the article says in that we don't need to become digital gurus. But we do need to be adquately placed to support digital transformation.

    There's a lot of work to do. All too often I hear people talking about their organisations nvesting in this, that and the other in the future. Great news, in principle. What I hear though is often lack of support from those organisations to develop the skills needed to support these initiatives. More needs to be done.

    L&D professionals, I believe, have a responsibility to keep up digitally irrespective of how well their organisation supports them to do so. I like the quote in the article that says "...learning practitioners need to focus on their own CPD and put their own oxygen masks on first..."

    Very true! 

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