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For anyone familiar with the Gartner Hype Cycle the technological landscape is far reaching in pretty much every aspect of our lives. I love using the Hype Cycle to emphasise the point that as new technology emerges it takes some time for it to reach maturity and actually create the value that is was initially intended - or actually it finds some value that it wasn't created for but creates unintended value through difference uses and applications. The is the slope of enlightenment and I've blogged about this before in how social tools and technologies can be used by L&D folk.

I'm always interested in the technology trends and being aware of how new technologies and products come to market and actually get used plus how quickly up the slope of enlightenment they march until they are so ubiquitous that they are just part of our every day lives. Technology is moving so quickly it's important to keep an eye on the future as well as whats happening now although I'm not too sure the two can get separated now as some of the trends are introducing technology can feels like 'the future'.

You can get access to the report here

The top 10 trends are below and CXM (Customer Experience Magazine) did a write up here on each of the 10 trends and what each one may mean for how we interact with technology and products / services they may provide. I particularly like the focus on customer experience and believe this is absolutely where L&D needs to focus when working on learning solutions and experiences.

  1. AI & Machine Learning 
  2. Intelligent Apps
  3. Intelligent Things 
  4. Virtual & Augmented Reality 
  5. Digital Twin 
  6. Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers
  7. Conversational Systems 
  8. Mesh App & Service Architecture 
  9. Digital Technology Platforms
  10. Adaptive Security Architecture

One of the questions I have is that will all these 'intelligent' technologies make the human race even more 'dumb'. Future generations will not need to think as there will be an 'app for that'. Intelligent apps like Google Maps have completely changed the need to be able to read a real map - learning at the point of need is reality now for so many who can find what they need when they need it at a click of a button.

We are already seeing massive growth in the enterprise social network space with Facebook, Jive, Slack and Microsoft all making a play for a multi-billion dollar market helping people connect and collaborate in the workplace. What does this mean for L&D? Do we need to shape how these 'Conversational Systems' are used and how they can support learning and working together. Alternatively do we sit back and do nothing as these technologies effectively bypass the need for L&D teams to be involved in the fast nature of organisational learning, communication and performance?

L&D need to ensure that people can develop and learn at the pace of work so we MUST stay in touch with the technologies available and make sure we are on our own journey up the slope of enlightenment with much of this technology. 

Some other interesting community posts on the subject are below 

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What do you think? What sort of implications do these technologies have for L&D - both opportunities and threats?

Would love to hear your thoughts


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