Hello everyone, good morning. I apologise in advance if I am using the wrong type of 'forum' in order to ask for some advice.

I have the pleasure of doing a presentation in a company Strategy meeting this week................sigh. However, the topic is simply about Learning and Development within the business and progressing people as individuals using an internal learning programme.

Would anyone have any ideas that they could kindly suggest I may use please?

Thank you all very much in advance.

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  • Hi Emma-Jane,

    I have experienced learning programmes from both sides and the biggest piece of advice I can give you is ensuring that any programme is flexible to the needs of the individual and not a sheep dip approach. You will see the biggest ROI should you help individuals identify their development needs and allow them to subscribe to the learning elements they need.

    Following on from Mike's comments a work based learning programme will help you do that for a lower cost that lots of classroom learning.

    Hope that's helpful?


    • Hello there Natasha,

      I hope you are well. Thank you very much for this advice, I couldn't agree more. Of course, everyone is treated as an individual hence, the LNA will help with specialist tailoring.

      Have a super weekend.

      Kind regards,


  • Hi Emma-Jane,
    I set up an internal training department for a company. The focus for them was return on investment, so I focused on how much employee engagement increased, the ROI for internal v external training costs, and worked through all appraisals to create specific develop plans for people and departments. This worked really well.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    • Hi Rachel,

      I hope your day is going well. Thank you very much for this advice, it is really helpful. No doubt I shall catch up with you later at the webinar.

      Kind regards,


  • Hi Emma-Jane - this is exactly the forum to post your L&D questions in :)

    I'm sure you'll get some help and let me get the ball rolling.

    Sounds like quite a big scope and it depends on how detailed you can get while presenting some high level themes to think about and take forward. Strategy meetings can be quite blue sky thinking and the 'art of the possible' so might be worth thinking about some of the current challenges in your organisation and how L&D can support with these challenges. In order for L&D to continue to be relevant and add value we must understand the business we're in, the current problems and how we can help the organisation perform more effectively not how can we provide more training because it's widely accepted that that's what we do.

    If your solution is to provide an internal learning programme (although it's a must to question that this IS the right thing to do) - then here are some things you could consider:

    From Courses to Resources

    Shifting Training to Performance

    Blended learning implementation guide

    Learning in the social workplace -

    Hope you find these useful and feel free to use and reference this articles and authors 


    • Hello there Mike,

      Thank you so much for the extremely useful response. I fully respect your comments.



      • We normally send these discussions out to the wider community in our weekly update but that won't go our until Friday this week. 

        if you're doing it later this week then you're on a tight timescale - do let us know how you get on :)

        • Good morning,

          That is great to know. I shall let you know how it goes. Thank you once again.

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