Hi folks, without having people head back to the stone age days of writing up learning logs onto Word or the like,

I'm puzzled how to log the type of learning that comes in small bite size chunks, the microlearning and like. Is there a simple accepted solution?

We'd like to have an idea what is being learnt in order to start to ease off on generic training which pulls people away from the workplace and concentrate on giving people more time to learn in a different way that they enjoy or find easier.

Any and all thoughts welcomed please.


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  • Hi Jason,

    Don't mock Word - it is still in the Top 20 best Learning Tools in Jane Hart's 2016 list ;)

    There was a recent conversation that was on a similar topic recently which you can find here - what do you think - same ball park? As a starting point any way. 

    Capturing on-the-job learning

    Have a read and let me know what you think....

    Top 200 Tools for Learning
    Here are the 2016 Top 200 Tools for Learning list compiled by Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. How are all these tool…
    • Hi Mike

      2 days of the L&D show later, Im more of the opinion...what exactly would the value be to anyone other than to reflect on what was learnt and to try to move forward.

      The journey is important of course, but what was the experience, what did it expose the learner to and what may they need to do different (for example) change behaviours.

      Is everything that we can count necessary to be counted? Isnt it the outcome and impact thats important?

      As for Word, its an industry in itself to be honest to then attempt to collate it across an organisation. Perhaps this is for a conversation between line management and employees and needs to go no further in detail beyond recording that key outputs decided in those frequent conversations.

      I guess those 2 days have taught me not to chase my tail looking for 'ghost' metrics. We do enough of that already.

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