Powerpoint is a great tool and has grown up beyond a tool for presenters to fire multi-bullet pointed lists at audiences.

Did you know, for example. how easy it is to create videos using Powerpoint? Not only can you create great looking visuals in Powerpoint, there's some pretty nifty audio tools in there too that allow you to add narration and even music.

But why would you want to do this? It is a great way of bringing content to life. Adding audio narration to slides allows for deeper explanation and dialogue. This frees the slides up for doing what they do best and being visual, whilst audio narration tells the story. 

I was going to record a video to demonstrate how you might go about doing this, but a quick search led me to the video below. It does a great job of showing you how to make videos using Powerpoint and goes as far as showing you tools to record narration with and how to upload to You Tube. It's fifteen minutes long, but well worth a watch.

The question for me that I think is key, is how can we use videos we have produced in Powerpoint to support learning and knowledge sharing in our organisations? What ideas do you have?

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  • Thanks for sharing Ady, looks good....and a lot of time and effort to get used to. I'd have to find a really good reason to use it as I suspect I'd be a day in the making, not the hour this guy indicates!

    • It does take some getting used to. But skills worth learning for some I think. Bite sized chunks is good!

      I used this approach once with a guy in marketing. He had a presentation he needed to deliver on a webinar, but couldn't make every webinar session. So what we did is broke his Powerpoint presentation into three smaller bite sized chunks. Had him record a voiceover on the slides. We then used that as pre-recorded content in a live webinar with a Q&A piece running throughout. It worked really well.

  • Looks like fun! 

    Have you come across Prezi? Although I have on occasion found it to be a little 'juddery'...its a good collaboration tool that multiple people can work on in a variety of formats all 'under one roof',even dropping Powerpoint into it too.


    • Love Prezi Jason. What sort of things do you tend to create on it?

      • We've used it in the past for employee briefings, strategy launches, induction, L&D, presentations to contractor, employee award events and many more things. Our marketing department love it to death (as you would expect...). its a great collaboration tool that you can share between departments that doesn't look as messy as Powerpoint themes made by 10 people all using different fonts and themes in one single presentation. The way Prezi works, you could still keep those variations but it doesn't appear as obvious in the transitions. It brings an overarching 'identity' rather than a clash of fonts.

        Personally I like a mix of the two though, call me old fashioned but I still love Powerpoint (but just not the stickmen haha) and some situations demand different approaches. I wouldn't want to look too whizzy when delivering a redundancy programme for example... :-(

        • I think Powerpoint is great too. It's not necessarily the tool, it's how some use it! You can do some great things on there. Good point on using the right tool for the context. Redundancy programmes tend not to be too whizzy do they!

          Wonder if anyone else has used Prezi - or better still, who's got a Prezi or recorded Powerpoint to share with us? Would love to see some examples.

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