A question came in to me today; one of those where a one or two-line answer just wouldn’t do it and something a bit more was needed. I decided to answer this question on here in the hope that we kick off some good conversation around this….


How do you broadcast learning, I mean which software or tool do you use?

It’s a great question. Before I come onto the software or tools, I’d like to define a little what I mean by ‘broadcast’ when it comes to learning. Without that context, I don’t think the word on its own sits well. Broadcast to some could suggest a one-way barrage of information transmission with no interaction for those attending. Secondly, learning is something that happens inside an individual. You can’t broadcast that. I agree on both counts.

I see where the question comes from though. In my online profiles I talk developing my knowledge of broadcast learning events. Perhaps I might need to change this and broadcasting isn’t the word.

I think it’s more about live.


There are a variety of tools available to host live events online

  • When it comes to webinars and virtual classrooms my absolute all-time favourite for several reasons is Adobe Connect.
  • For larger scale public events, Webinar Jam is worth a look at. We’ve done some great sessions here at DPG using that.
  • More recently, we’ve played about with the live streaming services available on social media platforms such as Facebook, You Tube and Twitter.
  • For higher quality TV HD quality broadcasting UStream is available. It’s the platform currently used by Learning Now TV and is capable of streaming both live and pre-recorded content in the highest quality definitions. A few years back, I was proud to work with Colin Steed and Learning Now TV using that platform to live stream the Learning Awards for the first time a few years back.


Engagement is key!

Those are just some of my recommendations when it comes to software and tools for live events.There really is plenty of choice in our reach for 'broadcasting' live events.  As I've said though, these shouldn't be one way barrages of information. What is important is considering the audience engagement and interaction features they bring. The ones I’ve mentioned have some interaction features. It is okay to broadcast an event.  It’s much better though with a way of those attending being able to interact, ask questions and get involved isn't it?


I’m interested to hear from you…..

Do you use tools to broadcast live? Which do you recommend? Or is this all new to you and something you’re looking to explore?


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  • I'm with you, Ady,  regarding Adobe Connect. It's a learning designer's dream. It allows you to keep your learning outcomes centre stage, then design the relevant learning environments around them.

    .I like WebEx Training Center too, and also find more and more organisations moving towards Skype for Business for internal training, and I try to push the boundaries of what can be achieved there too.

    Also agree that developing mindset and skills for engagement trumps choice of tool every time.

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