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I'm currently the only trainer for a big (and growing) customer service department, and I've had little to no exposure to LMS systems in my career. I'm looking to try and make life easier for myself by potentially implementing more eLearning. The benefits of using an LMS seem amazing to me, but I have no idea where to start, can anyone give me any pointers or recommendations?



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  • We are a small L&D department in an org in the health services non for profit sector and we currently use moodle ( just!) as we struggle to support it ourselves.

    We are looking at transitioning to a new LMS mainly because we want to offer a range of learning options for our workforce ( face to face , online, blended, micro , social) . We are currently evaluating SproutLabs ( a org based in Tasmania , Vic but the leader of the org is very very switched on with technology and learning and being a botique, they are able to support us very closely). They also run regular online webinars for free if you are interested in checking out Robin Pettard

    We are also looking at Saba and Kineo as other possible solutions. We need someone who can train us in best practices as well as help us transition to a new LMS.

  • Hi Laura,

    How are you doing? Thanks for posting this discussion. It's right up my street and I can relate to where you are. Anything I can do to help.... I'm massively up for!

    I'm not sure where you are in the country, but have you considered heading along to any of the exhibitions and conferences for L&D that occur? There's the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition this week in Manchester. Whilst that has more of a HR flavour, you will no doubt find some suppliers of LMS. It's good to have a chat with some suppliers, non-commital, just to get a gauge on what's on offer.

    There's also Learning Technologies early next year, that is always filled with every version of LMS and beyond you can think of!

    Are you on Twitter? There's a good source of information that I can signpost you too so let me know if you're hanging out on there, or if you need any help getting started.

    Also, on the community, there's a lot of people that have experiences of learning tech. I've dug out this article that might get you thinking on what a successful LMS implementation could look like. It's this one here... https://community.dpgplc.co.uk/learning-professionals/best-30-lms-i...

    Sorry that was a lot! But much to say! LOL. Let's keep the conversation going!




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  • Hi Laura, 

    I was in a similar position to you and found some courses on Linkedin where they looked at the different LMS systems on offer, their pros and cons.  They also gave some recommendations on the best LMS type to use depending on your organisation, i.e., corporate, educational, etc. Perhaps you could take a look at LInkedin. They do also offer courses on using Moodle, which I believe is the most commonly used LMS; at least in the UK.

    You can also create a free account on moodlecloud.com, so you can try Moodle out.

    I hope the above has helped.

    Let me know how you get on.

    All the best. 



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