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The ‘4 habits of people who are always learning new skills’ article from the Harvard Business Review by Mike Kehoe is spot on for me. 

One particular element that stands out is around why people don’t stick with learning they have signed up to – particularly in the online environment.  For me as one of DPG’s online facilitators – this is highly relevant as our objective is to get all learners that sign up with us through to successful completion of their qualification. 

And this is where the DPG community comes in!  If you are on programme with us our community provides a space to share experiences and connect to other learners, and turn what could be an isolated experience into a collaborative and social one. 

Whether you are on a blended or online programme, there is always someone out there in our community, whether peers, facilitators or perhaps past participants or other HR and L&D professionals.

You just need to reach out!  Engaging with others is part of developing your Personal Learning Network and really is a hugely beneficial part of your learning throughout your programme and beyond…I look forward to collaborating with you soon :)

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  • The recent Good Practice podcast with Dom Price is well worth a listen. We go through the education system with a view of how we learn...whilst this may have changed somewhat for many of us social networks, webinars/virtual sessions, instant messaging apps, YouTube  etc havent been around for THAT long. I do believe it's a case of challenging your own assumptions on how/when & where we learn / access content / knowledge then apply it.... and we can choose to get involved in activities that support learning. Experiment, explore and be curious. Ask questions and share what you know...

    I'm accessing this forum via my mobile on a train not because I have to, but because I want to and I'm interested in the conversation. Motivation is another piece of the puzzle and I think Self Determination Theory (SDT) can also help us understand our drivers and motivators - but that's a whole other post ;)

    Enjoy the podcast. 


    79 — Embracing change by 'unlearning'
    In the early stages of our careers we learn how to do our jobs, manage office politics and earn promotion. But those habits and behaviours that initi…
    • HI Mike - great to see you here!  Thanks for sharing the podcast - I shall be choosing to find time with a coffee this week to have a good listen.  One word really resonated with me in what you wrote - that old favourite of mine 'curious' which keeps popping up.  Without that inate curiosity, then maybe we wouldn't choose to explore, get involved and experiment?  You accessed this because you are interested (or curious), and maybe curiosity has a lead role to play in motivation too?

  • A good article Kathryn. The implement learning imediantly caught my eye the most. Within our online programme we get the ability to offer consultancy challenges and also client activities where the learning can be implemented, but is this realistic? Reflecting on your point regarding the community, it works in a way that you can also ask advise from fellow peers about how they went about implementing the learning or what challneges they experienced, it brings things like the client activites to life. 

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