• Hi Bryan. No concepts/theories/models as such, but this is what my organisation has done. 

    We've recorded a short podcast for our Managers who will be managing staff remotely for the foreseeable future.

    We covered 3 main areas...

    • Flexibility - Understanding that employees who have commitments e.g. children, pets, elderly neighbours/family etc. to work around may need the opportuntiy to work more flexible hours. We have said that as long as they are getting their work done, then it doesn't matter how they manage their time -  they could do a few hours first thing in morning before the kids wake-up, take a long lunch to walk to dog, work in the evenings when the kids are in bed etc. Essentially, we're not expecting staff to be at their home desk between 9am - 5pm - it's important to allow flexability during these uncertain times. 
    • Wellbeing - Ensuring we are encouraging staff to take a proper lunch break, get outside and exercise etc. We are also signposting them to our employee assistance programme and ensuring they know who are mental health champions are so they know where to go for help if they're feeling overwhelmed, lonely etc. The point on flexability comes in to this too - it's fine for employees to start work later than usual if they want to go for a walk/run in the morning etc. 
    • Communication - We are encouraging Managers to call each member of their team at least once per day to 'check-in' and talk. They should talk about work, current priorities, the status of projects etc. but they should also have normal conversations as you would in the office e.g. plans for the evening/weekend etc. to maintain those relationships. Some employees are sharing photos of their home offices and pets etc. amongst their team.

    I hope this is of some help, and best of luck!

    • Hi Mathildi

      thank you for your comprehensive reply.

      This is exactly the sort of structure & ideas I was looking for. I think podcast is one of many ways of communicating your message which under the current circumstances is so apt.

      I like your 3 options - simple but effective

      Think your organisation has done a good job

      Thanks for sharing 




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