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This week’s GoodPractice podcast discusses the concept of ‘micro learning’. Micro learning emerged as a hot topic for 2016 in Donald Taylor’s L&D Global Sentiment Survey.

So what is micro learning? Is it the latest ‘thing’ in L&D we should be embracing, or is it as old as the hills and simply relabelling of what we already know? (Think bite-size learning, small bites learning, tool kits to name a few) Whether same old or revolutionary, what sits behind the term and what does it mean in practical terms?

Listen here to the podcast.


Regardless of the terminology this is a great listen to reflect and refocus on the way in which we package our learning. How do people learn best and how do people WANT to learn? Is repetition the key to more effective learning? In a dynamic fast moving world, it follows that short, sharp engagement in learning activity has a place, after all who wants to read the whole ‘book’ when the same learning can be achieved in a single concise ‘chapter’?

  • What are your thoughts on the term micro learning?
  • Are there opportunities for this type of learning in your organisation? If yes, what does it look like? If not, what could it look like?
  • What is the value?

Add your comments below and join in the debate.

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  • Thanks for LearnPatch for this great little gem around MicroLearning Tools from the CIPD L&D Show 


    NB - you could argue these tools are tools that can be used to create any type of learning not just 'micro-learning' - however it's a useful list :)

    Micro Learning Tools #cipdldshow
    On 11th May, along with my colleague Clive Shepherd I presented on the subject of microlearning at the CIPD L&D Show. One topic of considerable inter…
  • Some interesting thoughts and ideas to harness better what we do, nothing setting the world on fire, but setting the scene for learning which makes an impact rather than being throw away.

    How do people share this learning in their organisations - or do they? There would be a value Im sure in knowledge from subject matter experts, I learnt from an excel guru the other day. I only needed something of a short 'fix' but I then shared it with a colleague and now we are both....not experts haha. But it has improved our understanding and we'll be able to improve the output of our work. 

  • Another article on the Micro-Learning 'phenomenon' , this time from the Learning Solutions Magazine. It's good to see some good old science quoted in this one. However, Micro-Content is King is a no no for me ;)


  • Micro learning is certainly the talk of the town - another article here from eLearning industry called Microlearning:  The Future of Corporate Learning and Development Scenario

    elearning industry article - micro learning

    • I think this is one of the better posts I've see about micro-learning - at least painting  a picture of practical appication and how it fits in the training landcape

      However the author may need to brush up on their maths ;)

      According to the 70-20-10 model where employees learn up to 80% of their learning on-the-job and through other informal channels (social learning, mentoring, coaching, etc.)

  • Here's what was said on the Learning and Skills Group webinar this morning on the subject of Micro Learning. What's your thoughts? Do you agree?


    • By the way, the graph in the background of that image is the Google search trend graph for the search term 'micro-learning'

      • According to this graph, the USA was more interested in Micro Learning last year than this. Yet the rest of the world shows an increase this year. Is that because what happens in USA today happens around the rest of the world tomorrow? If there has been a down-turn in trend in USA this year, can we expect there to be a lower interest in it next year? Is it a fad? Just another name? Or are people actually using it? 

        Lots to think about!


  • We should be looking creating resources that help improve performance, and that are readily available at time of need.

    A resource should:

    • Be relevant
    • Improve your ability on a task
    • Be easy to access
    • Be clear and simple to understand

    As Nick Shackleton-Jones likes to say, it then becomes about context, not content. Therefore, micro-learning is as useful as anything else that helps you reach your goals.

    • I was intrigued by this post as I had not heard the term. After listening to the podcast http://podcast.goodpractice.com/ and reading around the technique, I feel that tools we can use to encourage development, change and improve performance are all worth adding to our toolkit. The emphasis should be on different ways to provide access to learning that fit into our work/life balance and the different way people like to learn, which benefits them and business.  So if Micro Learning can help towards the push/pull of learning then I will consider using it.

      GoodPractice Podcast
      The GoodPractice podcast is a must-listen for anyone involved in Learning and Development or Human Resources. The weekly show, featuring regular appe…
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