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  • Hi Nicola,

    I have just become accredited in Facet 5 and our organisation is using this for Senior Leaders currently, with a view of this being available more widely through the organisation and within teams. I'm not accredited in MBTI so cannot give a comparable viewpoint on this although some of my colleagues who went through the accreditation with me preferred it to MBTI & a couple preferred MBTI.

    It based on Will Affection Energy & Control with an additional factor sitting outside being Emotionality. The reports are detailed but easy to interpret.

    Hope that helps


    Facet5: The Power of Personality
    Facet5: The Power of Personality
    • Thanks Sallie i'll have a look at this

      Facet5: The Power of Personality
      Facet5: The Power of Personality
  • HI Nicola,

    I'm wondering how you intend to use these?

    I have to say I haven't warmed to most personality profiles theories at all. The exception to this is MBTI which I'm a huge fan of largely because I've found it incredibly useful over several years having been exposed to it just twice. I've also seen the most noticeable improvements in myself and others using MBTI whilst other personality profile things have just died a death almost as quick as the 'training' they were included in.

    I've had my MBTI personality profile done on two occasions now by different people. 

    On the first occasion, I was given my MBTI results on an individual one to one basis before attending a team away day. The away day was focussed on looking at us as a group, our different MBTI preferences and how these may complement or work against others. I found from these exercises, as a team we had a better understanding of each other and how we work. It made relationships significantly and noticeably better with lasting results. We all felt that and it helped us to gell and become even closer as a team.

    On the second occasion several years later, my MBTI reading delivered by a different person (same results) gave me an idea of how I could work against my natural preferences when I needed to. An example of this is, my very strong J preference is something I've needed to relax over the years. Whilst my preference in years gone by have been to plan in detail, appreciating a more P working style has been useful to embrace a more agile approach.

    I know you know all this already Nicola being an MBTI practitioner. I just don't think the other 'personality' profiles I've seen over the years have done it so well for me (or others). I'd be tempted to stick with MBTI.

    Interested to hear what others think.

    • Thanks Ady - i'm with you a big MBTI fan!

  • We've used MBTI extensively, but we also use ;

    • Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal - Board and Management levels
    • CEB Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32) - we are looking into using this as part of our talent management activities
    • Swift Comprehension Aptitude & Pace Report - a great exercise centred around verbal, numerical and error checking....

    Im sure there may be more, but these are are 'go to' at this point....

    • Thanks Jason - your right there is so much out there - likely we'll stick with MBTI 

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