I thought I'd share a model I designed for the CIPD Level 5 L&D qualification. Many of us will have heard reference to 'problem creators', and the initial idea was to show the impact on an organisation of those who create problems as opposed to those who solve them. The problem in designing such a model was that it was inherently negative, and sought to single out bad behaviour rather than ecourage critical thinking. 


Instead, I found comparing 'problem finders' to problem solvers allowed for an idea to develop which resulted in the Problem/Solution Disruption model below to help visualise how we interact with problems. The model centres around the proactive and reactive nature of people when embracing problems and how they both have an important role to play in providing solutions. Most problem solving takes place in the present, and so the 'disruption' element comes into play when thinking about the future. Essentially, whether the solution is transformative or innovative will depend on the approach taken.  Ideally, any organisation will have people (or teams of people) dedicated to each quadrant to embed a systematic culture of continuous improvement. It is not uncommon for individuals to occupy traits in multiple quadrants, embracing an all-round capability in all aspects.


Comments and criticisms welcome, and of course feel free to share.



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  • Thanks David for sharing this, a very useful visual and model.

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