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Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend a psychometric assessment that well and truly enhances a leadership programme? Participants are quite skeptical about assessments generally and in my organisation they are fed up of the usual e.g. MBTI. I am reviewing a programme and would like to introduce a new assessment that would be worthwhile and beneficial to my audience (senior company executives). I would love to hear from anyone who has used anything different, specifically for a leadership programme - and can vouch for it! Thank you!


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  • Another DPG affiliate Fola but Engage Coach can be a useful tool to help and understand 'change readiness' - great to measure before and after any sort of development programme and can also be used to help inform the required solution.

    • Hi Mike

      Looks interesting. I'll look into it. Thanks so much for your helpful response!


  • I've used Facet5 with senior people as it gives a in-depth analysis and is rational in its language. You need a Facet5 practitioner to administrate and report back on it. I know T-Three are very good in Cambridge, they can come in and do this for your organisation, or you can train someone in-house to be a Facet5 accredited coach.

    • Hi Celia,

      I checked online. It looks like a brilliant tool ! I will look into this further. Thanks so much for the tip.


  • Hello Fola

    I look after all the corporate learning here at DPG. We offer MAP 2:0 and have run it in a number of organisations. I would be happy to email you some details and talk to you about it. If you could send me your email address and contact telephone number, I will be in touch.

    Kind regards


    • Hi SallyAnn,

      Thanks  very much for getting back to me. I work in Canada. Does that make a difference? I see it is a DPG product.

      Kind regards,

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