• Hi Georgina

    I think that Robin's sources and point about resources being available online is key. Plenty of people go through your programme without ever seeing a textbook.

    Some people prefer books though and that's perfectly valid. Vanessa and Hannah's recommendations look great. At DPG, we used to recommend a particular book for your programme, but we no longer do. Part of the reason for that link's back to what Robin was saying in that online resources are updated regularly whereas if you buy a book it isn't, for example I doubt you'd find mention of furloughing in the textbook I'm talking about. However, you may still want to go ahead so here is a link to find it:

    (CIPD members get a discount)


    Human Resource Management at Work
    Combine the latest academic research with practical approaches to human resource management (HRM) with this definitive textbook.
    • Oh wait - you may well be on the LDM programme. The book I have mentioned is more relevant to HRM. Sorry!

      Forget that bit of my response ;)

  • Hi Georgina,

    There are various CIPD books published by Kogan Page that complement one or more of the modules, although having bought most of them I don't think there's much in them that I couldn't get online for free, and I don't recall referencing them much.

    I've listed some great free resources that you may already be aware of below, but these were the ones that helped me with my Diploma the most: - the reports section (previously Towards Maturity) - the resources section

    CIPD Knowledge Hub


    Hope that helps a bit.






    Mind Tools: Online Management, Leadership and Career Training:
    Use resources to learn more than 3,100 management, leadership and personal effectiveness skills, helping you to be happy and successful…
  • Hello Georgina,

    I started level 5 (Diploma) beginning of May 2020. I managed to buy a variety of books prior to starting, however there is one book that stands out for me: Human Resource Management - Theory and Practice by Bratton and Gold. You can buy it on amazon cheap. Note the 5th Edition is just as good as edition 4.

  • Hi,   I've been studying for a while but am still early in my HR journey!  I've found the 'Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice' to be the most readable.  Good Luck!

    From Hannah

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