Hi everyone

I'm maximising the meaning of our new 'DPG network' and asking for work related help after only 1 day! I need to write a development piece for Snr / Line Management regarding setting objectives and expectations for 2014. This is to be pitched at a higher, more meaningful level than 'this is how you write a smart objective' and be focussed more on the process of developing objectives that are aligned to organisational / functional goals and what the subsequent cascade process looks like to gain buy in. Does anyone have any exisiting training material on this topic they'd be happy to share as a starting point? MUCH appreciated if anyone can help :-)

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  • Hi Mike

    Thanks for your message, much appreciated. I have recently (3 weeks ago) joined BSI Group and we are soon about to go live with our PDR process (similar to that you described below so we are fully geared up for success in 2014). I am supporting the development of some training to accompany this year's roll out and while I have lots of info on the process and SMART objectives was just looking for some pointers on how to articulate / visualise something meaningful on ensuring organisational and individual goal alignment - there is no major development need for the mgt just best practice really to reinforce and ensure this is front of mind.

    Have started on this today so hopefully will be further along tomorrow - was just looking for some inspiration!


    Thanks for your time.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Sian,

    Thanks for sharing this and I hope we can get some conversation / discussion going about it that helps. Let me pose some questions to help us understand a little bit more about what you're trying to do:

    • What's the current problem with senior / line managers and setting objectives that are aligned to business strategy?
    • Have you done any sort of learning needs analysis as part of this to understand what the development needs are?
    • Is this specific to a particular business objective or just an area that needs work in general?
    • What are you looking for as an outcome - what will they need to do differently? How can this be measured?
    • Can this be done in one 'development piece' or does it need to be something deeper and over a longer period of time?

    One of the things that worked quite well in my old job was to do a 1 up 2 down approach e.g a senior manager would have his objectives defined through the business strategy or CEO objectives which in turn the manager below would create his objectives based on his managers all the way down to first line manager. This would mean that all objectives can be linked back the business strategy and would be transparent in terms of accountabilities and performance management.

    All objectives had to be set by end of January so the plan was clear for the rest of the year. We also revisited objectives every quarter and revised / revisited them in line with any changes in the business so we were flexible and could adapt as the business demands changed / evolved.


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