Top Tools for Learning in 2017

Every year, Jane Hart, expert in helping organisations to develop modern learning experiences, publishes a list of top tools for learning. This year, the 11th year of the annual survey, Jane has analysed the responses of over 2,000 learning professionals. This includes designers, developers, deliverers, educators, managers, administrators and consultants. 

The top 2 of this year's list remain the same, with Google being the 2nd most popular tool and You Tube being yet again, number 1. Yes folks, people are looking for video more than ANYTHING else. Other popular tools includes Twitter at number 5, one of my personal favourite platforms when it comes to developing yourself. So much so, I'm running a session on the topic this Friday at 10am... You can find the details just here.

It's nice to see Zoom zooming up the charts to leaping 38 places up to number 28 spot. Zoom is something I have come to rely on as a remote worker. Like Skype, but with much better quality, Zoom allows me to connect with others face to face in a video call with screen sharing. In fact, Zoom has been a big contributer in helping a Working Out Loud group I've been a part of staying connected and learning.

I'd highly recommend you spend a few moments reviewing this list of tools. 

I'm interested to hear back from you. Are there tools in there that you've found quite useful? Are there any new ones in there that you want to explore?

You'll find the list of tools here

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  • Great article Ady and I was so surprised at the different tools to support learning. I only use a fraction of them but I see this as tools to match anyone's needs and ways of learning. I will be looking at Zoom, at the moment I am fortunate to be part of a group who use Adobe Connect, so will be comparing them.  Thanks for sharing. :) 

    • I'm always surprised how many there is and how many we don't consider to be tools. I think it's a case of choosing the right ones for you and your org rather than aiming to tick them all off. There just ain't enough hours in the day for that.

      Personally, I'm a huge fan of Adobe Connect. Many associate it with learning but I've had some great sessions in the past facilitating discussions with project teams. I've used it to help teams build project plans, brainstorm, problem solve and all sorts - not in learning situations, but in day-to-day meeting scenarios. You'll find you can do similar stuff with Zoom though.

      Knowing your looking at these tools suggests that you're working remotely from others? Have you seen Slack? That's well worth a look at. I've seen some incredible results with it in terms of time saving, opening up communication, collaboration and organising information. I have to confess though it can be at times like pulling teeth (without any anaesthetic) getting people using it.  I think this is down to the damage done by email over the years and how people have become reliant on it. When people get into Slack they do see the benefits.

      • Thanks Ady, I will have a look at Slack.  I am office and home-based but only me in L&D working with Managers and their team members who are field based, so tools that connect us, improve communication and support learning are very welcome.

        • I'm using Slack on a few instances. This video shows how I'm using it for my CPD (in a team on my own) but will give you a general feel for how it works. 

  • Thanks for the share Ady!

    • You're very welcome. How you doing?

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