They tell me - whispered in the mysteries of deep and meaningful OD chat forums - that there is such a thing as a learning transfer platform?

I'm not sure if I believe them or if they're just teasing me, that there is such a product that is built on four key concepts proven to support learners to sustain behavioral change. I hear cries of 'social learning', 'impact measurement', 'management involvement' and 'effective training'. Is this true or is it just an algorithm gone slightly mad?

Has anyone any experience with such a product please? Id be happy to hear thoughts and opinions that may elevate me from the very depths of Yammer, Excel and a series of unique cloud based tools which all refuse to talk to each other and steal my time - or if you might use alternate solutions.

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  • I'd not heard of this before. I did a quick search and found this, too, which may help give some perspective.

    From what I can see at a quick glance LTP's seems to be a way to engage learners in the transfer of knowledge to the workplace, which has to be a good thing!

    In terms of demonstrating learning in the workplace I don't believe it is intended to replace a TLNA, appropriate learning intervention design and delivery and suitable measurement and evaluation of outcomes (ROI and ROE), natch, using Kirkpatrick (and others), however.

    It therefore seems a useful potential supplement to the work of the L and D specialist.




    Learning transfer platform
    Our learning transfer platform is a web based tool to sustainable manage learning transfer. With it on-the-job application is guaranteed! 
  • Hi Jason,

    For a better understanding of what an LTP is, have a look at this CLO article from Feb 2017 ;

    Declared interest. I founded People Alchemy which supplies an LTP tool which has been referenced in another reply. Thanks Kathryn :-)

    You might think of an LTP as a 'learning workflow' tool that can be wrapped around a training course to manage all the activities that 'should' happen outside the course in order for the course to have any significant impact.

    I am writing a book on Learning Transfer, and doing it as a 'working out loud' project. The draft of the book is available at

    Happy to have a chat about learning transfer if you are interested. No sales pitch. Promise! It helps me think through stuff for my book :-)

    Best wishes, Paul

    • Thanks Paul, Ive downloaded your draft book and will read with interest. It's a topic that has evolved beyond the holy grail that people chase of ROI - when does ROI actually stop? When does learning transfer take place - immediately after learning knowledge - when a person gets a chance to use that knowledge - when legislation changes....that got me thinking that ROI isnt a fixed point in time to celebrate....unless people are just chasing metrics for a quick fix buzz/justification.

      We're at the moment measuring engagement and activites around 3 months after learning takes place which has been an interesting exercise to witness the organic growth of learning into the workplace but its in a quite basic ethod Im using and I wondered if there was anything else that I might have missed in terms of thinking about that hence my question sent into the ether so see what might come back.


  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hi Kathryn,

      Yes, thats exactly what I was thinking of. Is it something that you have used yourself previously?

This reply was deleted.

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