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Good afternoon

I has been tasked with setting up a process for evaluating training to ensure that we can demonstrate value for money.  I was wondering if someone within learning and development could point me in the right direction,  I will need to also look at ways to quantify, measure and put a financial value on the training.

I do hope that someone will  be able to assist me.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Nia, I'd be careful about using Kirkpatrick. There's a lot of debate over its effectiveness and value as a tool. It tends to be a counting tool which creates data; that doesn't necessarily mean it creates value. For example, an attendee might enjoy a training event and record on a L1 Kirkpatrick form that they thought the event was useful. They may go back to work and not think about it for some time. They made a connection with a colleague at the event who recommended a new way of working. They try that and their performance improves. It was not referenced in the training event or the content the trainer presented but the person felt happier after the training.

    Is that a result of the training, the facilitator, the experience, the content, or something else?

    I'd suggest look at performance measures - what business benefits happen as a result of people attending events. Your starting point HAS to be the current performance, otherwise you'll have no benchmark to measure to. For techniques to support this, I'd recommend Brinkerhoff's Success Case Method as a starting point.

    I'd recommend looking at Donald Clark's writing on this - he has a highly critical view of Kirkpatrick. http://donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/kirkpatrick-4-levels...

    Happy to discuss.

    Donald Clark Plan B: Kirkpatrick 4-levels of evaluation: Happy sheets? Surely past its sell-…
    • Kirkpatrick was a foundation for us, we went more towards impact, outcomes and behaviors.

      Knowing if the venue was nice, the coffee warm and if the tutor was helpful didnt really cut it with us....we dropped that a long way back. We've now moved beyond the employee opinion too and have a managers evaluation 3 months down the line to assess the impact in service delivery and the return that it gives driving a continuous conversation.

      Donald Clark Plan B: Kirkpatrick 4-levels of evaluation: Happy sheets? Surely past its sell-…
  • Kirkpatrick gets my vote, we used this as a base and then bespoke it a little more on top.

    • Hi Jason

      Thank you for your response.  What tools did you put in place to be able to measure / evaluate the training?


      • Sent you a connection request to chat.

  • Hi Ady

    Thanks for responding and thanks for the information.  I will definitely have a look at the different models and let you have my thoughts. We currently do not do anything to evaluate training and training and development is new to me therefore I am not aware of any techniques.


    • Aha. Great. You'll find Kirkpatrick very interesting I think. Different 'levels' of evaluation. I think you'll find that really useful. Let me know.

  • HI Nia,

    Hope you're well. Great topic thanks for sharing.

    I'm curious as to what type/topic of training you're hoping to evaluate? Is there anything you already do to evaluate? What techniques are you already aware of if any?

    We did an opinion poll on this a while back here on the DPG Community where we asked people to vote for the evaluation model they're most likely to use. Have a look at these and perhaps do some digging around each of those. We can help with this if you need a hand.

    Keep this conversation going with your findings though Nia. I'm interested.

    Have a look at the opinion poll we ran here.

    What evaluation model are you most likely use to demonstrate the value of your learning interventio…
    Cast your vote!
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