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Whats the best L&D software to use?

I work as part of a newly formed L&D team within a public sector company. L&D is new to the business, we've not really had anything before which is very exciting with regards to the opportunity but it means we are completely starting from scratch.

I am wanting to have 2 bits of software for use by the team. The first one is some software that we can use to create e-learn modules - does anyone have any suggestions as to what ones are best? We have a system we use for the regulatory learning, but this is basically a PowerPoint display, and not what we need. Would love your suggestions.

Also, we are wanting a system that can track the learning and development that people have had, whether this be training courses, e-learn, etc, that we can view at a glance. I would like for people to be able to register interest in particular courses and send notification to me so we can track numbers interested as well. We have Microsoft CRM system which would be perfect, but not everyone in the company has access to this, so we were wanting something standalone

I'd really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions as to what we could use.

Thanks everyone!

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  • We too have been using Articulate Storyline 2 - simple and easy to use across multiple platforms.  You need to think about access (e.g. SCORN etc.).    Can generate scores and certificates without complication so ideal for inductions and guides etc.

  • Hi Emma

    I've just started using Articulate Storyline 2, its perfect for creating e-learning modules.  You can get a 30 day free trial so it may be worth you checking it out.  



    • Great thanks Adam.

  • Emma, from your post it seems that several things might be helpful.
    First, if you are creating e-Learning materials, the software used to make it is far less important than the design process you use, which will either make the information engaging, easily retained, and effective, or none of those. I would suggest you take a look at the approaches developed by Ray Jimenez on story-based and small-bite e-Learning. There are lots of good resources such as recorded webinars at www.trainingmagnetwork.com
    if you want to follow this up, and Ray is very approachable himself.

    Second, to track what people have done you may need a Learning Record Store (LRS), which enables people to record all their development activities, including courses taken, books read, e-Learning completed, etc. – as well as a Learning Management System (LMS) which will enable you to enrol people on courses, track completions, and so forth. There are manyon the market, and some systems like Curatr from HT2 are gamified, which means that engagement and completion are helped by the design of the LMS, whatever the content that is delivered through it.
    If you contact Ben Betts(ben@ht2.co.uk) he would be able to advise you on an appropriate choice, whether or not it is a system he provides.
    Good luck with your explorations.

    Brian Helweg-Larsen

    • Thanks for the suggestions Brian, I shall take a look.

  • Hi Emma,

    Sounds exciting.

    Budget dependent there are lots of great authoring tools on the market - Articulate Storyline is a popular one for example.

    Here is a definitive list of authoring tools here 


    One to check out (as it's free and open source) is Adapt

    The LMS for want of a better phrase is probably more complex but if all you need is booking, tracking and hosting elearning content (SCORM compliant) so you can track progress then there are simple tools out there and some that might integrate with MS CRM as well 

    http://www.capterra.com/learning-management-system-software/#infogr... - some popular ones here.

    Might be worth taking a look at the system we use as well here

    Hope this helps


    • Thanks Mike - really helpful, I shall research!

      • We looked at standalone Learning Management Systems last year to manage compliance learning on our site. There are plenty to choose from - something for every budget. (I can send you the STP outlining the features we wanted and of the systems we looked at, if it would interest you.)

        We liked Kallidus (offices relatively local to us and very customer focussed, with what appears to be good after care).

        We also looked at Simply Personnel (smallest and cheapest), Halogen and some in- house development options. (There are some fabulous internet based options such as that supplied by BrightWave, but out of our budget range.)

        In the end our corporate IT team decided to have a look at an enterprise solution to apply across all our European sites - and we have been waiting to hear ever since! haha!

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