I have been enrolled onto my CIPD level 5 in L&D for a couple of months. Within the time of me starting my course I also secured a new job a sales coach which i am fresh into and learning the fundemantals of my role expectations. In conjuction to that, what i am reading i am also living. 

I have just completed my assignmemt on organisational development and I am also working for a machine of a company that is adapating a massive orgaisational change from a L&D perspective.

The best thing I have done by a long shot and my study group and tutor are exceptional.

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  • Congratulations on securing a new job as a Sales Coach Richard.

    Enjoy the rest of the programme.


    • Thank you for your kind words Karen.

      I hope you have a happy & successful 2019.

  • congrats!

    • Thanks Angelo. 4 weeks In now but literally walked through the doors at a very interesting time. Hopefully on successful completion of my diploma, I will be in a more influential position than current. 

  • Great to hear Richard and congratulations on your new role. It sounds like you're in a great place and the timing of your CIPD qualification is just perfect.

    I'm interested in the machine that you refer to and the organisational change from an L&D perspective. What do you think this will bring about for you this year? What initiatives do you think you'll be involved in? What will be your challenges?

    The reason I ask these questions is you're part of the DPG community, a generous bunch of people working in the same space as you. I'm pretty sure we can get some good conversations going around the stuff you're working on.

    Once again, well done and please do keep in touch.


    • I refer to the 'bureaucratic machine' that does anything it takes to get the job done. 

      From an L&D perspective it is a massive project within a compny that has a high turnover year on year and the L&D department that I am a part of is brand new with major investment.

      I have alreday been involved in the process of setting and agreeing measurables for the L&D department and we have been left to formulate our own strategy around the comapny goals. It has been non stop but very engaing and exciting. 

      I imagine that the next year will bring change in direction and we will need to be flexible to trying new things withing the function of the business. 

      I have also been involved in the initiative of further growth and if our small team completes the mission and we deliver the team will grow opening opportunity for personal growth with the business.

      The organisational development is huge and they are now in motion of rolling out agile working for all account managers that have sustainability and sales coaching is now manadtory.


      :) See you soon

      • Hey Richard,

        I worked for an organisation in a similar position a few years ago. Like you, L&D was a big investment for that organisation too. Starting from scratch, with no dedicated L&D function, we built up a new future of development. The results were incredible in turning the ship around.

        You mentioned strategy. The other day I was reflecting on a video that I recorded with Paul Matthews at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition. He mentioned a 'three elephant' test that he advises people use to review their L&D strategy. I'd highly recommend you have a watch of it and spend some time with this learning about the elephants that he thinks exists in L&D....

        Watch the video just here.

        Paul Matthews
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        • Brilliant video Andy it went hand in hand with a conference call i had at 9.30 this morning. very brief but interesting pointers that @PaulMatthews highlights. love the Sneaky elephant anology also.

          Thanks for the support Andy always appreciated. :) 

          • Pleased you found it useful Richard....

            Psssst, I'm Ady, short for Adrian. No N! :-)

            Keep in touch Richard. Keen to keep in touch with how your journey progresses.

            • Oh No. I feel bad now. I thought you were Andy my course facilitator. 

              Will deffo keep in touch



              Thank you 


This reply was deleted.

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