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Which Superhero Facilitator are you?

I came across this on Twitter and thought it would be a fun share. 

For those of who are regular facilitators, we know that things happen that are both within and outside of our control, in the room and out of the room. How we react to these things, how we deal with them and how we think about them afterwards influences who we are and how we do things in the future.

Well what about if your thinking and approaches could translate in to superhero powers?

Well now it can - introducing this fun little questionnaire from Strategic Play Group Ltd

Answer the 12 questions and then find out which of the 16 possible Superhero you are when it comes to your facilitation.

Post up your results in the comments below - with a picture if possible.

Let's see whether we've got the next Avengers Team within the DPG Community :)


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  • Cat woman !!! :) Well happy with that!! 

  • 2899276?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Apparently I am a 'Spontaneous Stickler' which seems a bit of a backhanded compliment! 

    • Oh dear lol that's a funny one!

      Let's say that makes you an enigmatic mix of contradictions 


      Nope, still sounds like a back-handed compliment!

      I tried!


  • Good morning all,

    This is surprising :D 

    Wow Raimonda, your Facilitator Persona is: Batman - Hi-Tech Entrepreneur!


    • Probably the coolest of them all :)

  • Ha ha

    'Wow Nicole, your Facilitator Persona is: Batgirl - Engaging Supporter'

    I like it!

  • Spider Man! That will come in very useful as I'm learning to climb at the weekend so I can belay for my daughter!!

  • This is great! Thanks for sharing. 

    I'm Princess Leia

    • Me too Johanna, I was quite chuffed with that!  Great fun.

This reply was deleted.

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