• I have created a WhatsApp group now for people who started in February 2021. I have added Amber for others that want to join my number is 07859562654.

    Message me and I will add you to the group. Thanks 

  • Hi Amber Milson 

    It would be great to join a Whatsapp group if you are in one, I also started Level 5 HRM in Feb this year - my number is 07783 402434

  • Hi,

    I am happy to join a whats app group if created or I create one?

  • Hello and hope you are all well :) Can anyone confirm if a whattaspp gorup was craeted and if yes can I join?

    I have signed up last October, but started actively studying Feb2021. Happy to share my number is the group is live

    Thank you

  • Hi all can we start a whatsapp group for the students that started in february 2021 as the course title changed this year. it is now called Level 5 in People Management. i can start it if you send your number.

  • OK so now I'm confused! My course started in September but due to Covid etc etc I have been unable to start until recently...which course am I on and how has this changed?  It must have passed me by ....... :)

    • sorry didnt mean to confuse! Is yours called Level 5 Diploma in HRM? I think the new level 5 is called People managment instead and is for people who signed up ( not started) in March. Maybe I am wrong...does anyone else know?

      • Ah ok mine is called 

         CIPD Level 5 Human Resource Management

        so I guess we are on the same one.....were you late starting your course too then?  What was your start date?

        • i signed up last April but have only actually started about a month ago!

          • great we are in the same boat then !!!  I am very pleased, I thought it was just me...haha

This reply was deleted.

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