CIPD Pre-2021 Qualification End Date - IMPORTANT

Dear Student

We are posting this notification as you are currently studying a CIPD Pre-2021 qualification and to notify you that your qualification has an end date – for DPG Learn students this will be 31st December 2022.

What does this mean?

Your course work must be fully submitted no later than 31st December 2022. After this date your work will be marked within the standard SLA and returned to you, if you receive a refer for any unit you will be given a further 28 days to make changes from the date you get your feedback.

As I am studying a Pre-2021 qualification, will what I am learning be out of date?

Your qualification is still relevant.  Any CIPD qualification you achieve will both enhance and prove your capabilities as a people professional.

What do the new CIPD Qualifications mean for me as a student who is studying a pre-2021 qualification?

When you have successfully completed your studies, you will still hold one of the most respected and valued qualifications in your field.  The new qualifications will not affect the outcome of your current studies.  For example, if you are studying a Level 3 (Foundation) qualification, you will still be eligible for Associate Membership.

Will there be transition arrangements in place so that students taking the current qualifications, and wishing to move over to the new qualification, will be able to use what they have already achieved?

You can download a copy of the CIPD Transition arrangements document attached to this post.

You can then contact us for advice on the transition arrangements relevant to you and if there will be any additional costs required to change to the new CIPD Qualification.

Advanced Level Examinations

If you are studying an advanced level qualification, and you have yet to sit your examinations for Human Resource Management in Context (7HRC) and/or Leading, Managing and Developing People (7LMP) – or if you are required to re-sit either of these, these exams will be available for booking at the following sessions:

  • September 2022 – This is the penultimate booking point – we highly recommend that you book to sit your exam(s) at this session if you have not already done so. Booking is open now.  You can book to sit your exam(s) here:

Please check your News Forum (post dated 4th July 2022 for further information).  To remind you, the close date for applications is 5th August 2022.

  • January 2023 – This will be the final opportunity to sit Advanced Level Examinations – this should be used for re-sit opportunities where possible. Booking information will be posted on your course news forum in due course.

Don’t worry - the information provided here is to keep you informed.

You should carry on with your studies as planned – continue to submit assignments and sit exams (L7 only) as there is still time for you to complete your studies and achieve the qualification you enrolled for.

If you have any questions please contact our learning co-ordinators by emailing or by calling 0161 975 7777  (option 2) and the team will be happy to help.

Kind regards

DPG Learn

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  • I had a quick question in relation to the reflective blog.

    Is the reflective blog also included within this or is it just in relation to the learning modules?

    E.g. if all learning and assignments have been completed by 31st Decemebr 2022 can the blog be finished after or does it all have to be completed?


    • Hi Sean, thanks for the question. 

      Everything including CPD/reflective blog needs to be submitted by the 31st December.

This reply was deleted.

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