Comparing Motivators

Hi Everyone

I think it would be interesting if we share the results of our think Motivations! section. My motivators are: Delivery and Life Commitment. It's like reading a horoscope that is actually based on evidence! 

The particular parts of the results that resonate with me are:


- "You like having specific objectives, and measurable targets, so that you can see that you are doing a good job. You enjoy taking steps to make things happen. You are not satisfied with sitting around discussing ideas"

- "Bring in people who complement your skills - when do you need to bring in ideas people? Do you need a 'people person' who will build morale and alert you to the politics?"

- "Treat 'understanding the politics' as a key project management task; find a mentor who manages politics effectively to help you develop your skills"


Life Commitment -  

- "At present, your working conditions (hours, geographical location, flexible working) and their fit with your life outside work are a key focus for you."

- "Don't beat yourself up if less able people progress faster. Remember exactly what putting your Life Commitment first is giving you."

- What should I measure on an ongoing basis, to understand whether I have achieved a positive life balance?"

The whole thing is remarkably accurate! 😀 So helpful!

What are your motivators?



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