• I've put the recording in the thread for the event. Click the link at the start of this event to jump to it.


  • Hi Gary,

    Thank you for the link. I have already registered. I was worried how on earth I will find time to do my CPD as my busy HR day has not enough hours, but reading one of your article with your CPD examples reassured me that I do lots of activities every day that I can include on my CPD. It was really, really helpful.

    I am looking forward to the webinar to find out what other busy people are up to.

    I must admit that I was in touch with DPG back in 2012 doing my level 3. It was different. We used to have a 1 day workshop in London once a month. I am glad that we can do it all online now. The platform seems to be overwhelming at first, but more you read, more you understand. 

    Thank you once again for your helpful comments.


    • Hi Joanna Kardzis 

      It's great to see that you have registered. I'm taking part in the webinar and I'm intrigued to know what insights the rest of the panel will bring.

      I'm so glad that my blog is helping. I've only had a couple of comments like yours so I wasn't sure if people we find it useful - you have re-motivated me!

      Yeah, we were still using workshops right up until the first lockdown for Level 3. Everything I am here is that we will be putting workshops back in place once it is safe to do so. I'm not sure about Level 5 though - that might remain 100% online. Level 5 has had an online option for over 4 years now and it has been our most popular programme so I expect we'll keep that as it is.

      Yeah, I'm conscious that there is a lot of information on here. I've tried to streamline the home page as much as possible to focus on forums and blogs (and make it mobile friendly). I think we should probably remove some groups though to further streamline things. What do you think? What gave you that initial feeling of being overwhelmed? I'd love to know and try and do something about it.


      • Apologies for the delay in replying Gary. My HR world is so busy at the moment. I feel settled now but still processing some information regarding assignments and where to find all information. Once I start working on it it will be easy. The initial feeling of being overwhelmed is due to the lack of time. I am in a standalone role dealing with HR, recruitment and all admin for over 100 employees. Recently I was doing my HR reports and realized that I conducted over 200 interviews  since 2018. I love this job and I am absolutely passionate about it :)

        It is good to know that there ia always someone who is willing to help when we get stuck at any point.

        I am looking forward to the webinar tomorrow.

        Thank you for your help.

        • Joanna I am in almost excatly the same boat as you. I am the HR and Payroll manager for an MAT with 125 employees, the majproty of which I have onboared in the last 3 years. I am the only perosn in the HR department and have absolutly no support. I am finidng starting the course really overwhelming as I feel ther is too much information and I really done know where to start. 



        • Hi Joanna

          It was great to see you in the webinar. What did you think?

This reply was deleted.

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