• Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping well in these difficult times. I started my level 5 HR diploma in August 20 and it's been a struggle to get through as I am so busy in my day job, but I'm trying my best and really enjoying it. What I am finding disheartening is the lack of opportunity out there in the jobs market in HR. I am a social worker by profession but have previous recruitment experience, but I am getting knock back after knock back even for the most low level jobs. Is that the experience other people are having? I know it's a bad time to be in the jobs market, but I am beginning to think I will never get anywhere. Does anyone have any tips that could help me? I have lots of transferable skills in people management, but this doesn't seem to count for anything. Wishing you all the very best, G. 

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  • How are you getting on Glenis Louise Simms ?

    I saw this and wondered if it would offer support:


    Career Community
  • Hi Glenis, i saw this post and smiled! The reason being, i felt like there is someone in a similar position to me (you may have had a head start ;-)). I've been in Children Services ( Child protection mainly social worker) for the past 8 years! I only started the new CIPD Level 5 PM in March 2021 and whilst i was scared of this new profession change, every day i learn more how i already have the skills needed! Thats the great thing about Social Work, it gave us all these skills.


    However, i am scared that majority of my does come under Social Work. Have you had any luck since this post in January 2021? Ps i've also joined Linkedln but i've chosen not  to add/connect all the Social worker's i know .As that just spammed me with Social Work recruiters! Hopefully that may help you :).


    Take care


  • There's an easy and uplifting read called 'Bouncing Back From Knockbacks' in CareerBurst that might help.

    Log in and on the home screen scroll down to the first carousel titled 'DPG recommended content' then scroll the carousel across to find it.


  • Hi Glenis

    I thought I'd jump on this thread and share a link to a book I've read called Mind Flip. It has great tips for anyone who is thinking of changing jobs or career and is written from a refreshingly honest point of view. I don't know the author and am not getting commission (I promise!). It is just a book I have on my book shelf and in the 'keep' pile. It can be disheartening seeking opportunities in a tough labour market. I like this book as it gives tips about how to use existing skills and approach potential employers - a lot of jobs are never advertised.

    It can be a place of being in the right place at the right time, through creating opportunites...and being prepared. This includes understanding your strengths and how you can use them - sounds like CareerBurst can help with this!

    Websites that advertise jobs on the internet generally receive a lot of applications and if you don't quite meet the requirements, you can't even get a foot in the door; an algorithm has stopped you proceeding. Using other methods and working on your CV to showcase relevant existing skills and knowledge, can help you make that all important first step. 

    You could consider doing some voluntary work where you are able to use your people management skills. I recently saw an advert for volunteers to help at assessment days for the charity's (Skillshare) youth volunteering programme. Full training was given, including interviewing skills. Presumably this was being done virtually. I appreciate that not everyone will have the time (or energy!) to volunteer at the moment, especially in the current climate, but is something that can help you get a foot in the door and boost your experience and skill set.

    I hope that helps,


    Mind Flip: Change the Way You Think About Yourself and Reinvent Your Future: Everett,…
    Buy Mind Flip: Change the Way You Think About Yourself and Reinvent Your Future by Everett, Zena (ISBN: 9781912635559) from Amazon's Book Store. Ever…
  • Hi Glenis

    I think that you are absolutely correct to keep your people management experience at the forefront of your applications. The job market is undoubtedly challenging. Sometimes we can apply for a job and feel 100% confident that we meet the necessary requirements - only to receive a knockback, or worse still no response at all. Often I find that this is simply because the other candidates had more experience. You have to hold your hands up then and think "well... fair play".

    However, how do you know if that is the case? A lot of advice will tell you to contact recruiters after a knockback and ask them the reasons that your application didn't make it through. This can feel uncomfortable, and you will experience further lack of responses, but when you do get a response it adds value.

    But that's just one bloke talking (me). If you want career advice that is based on research taken from thousands of people who were surveyed across their careers to see what works and what doesn't - then you came to the right place!

    In the box on the right of this page, you'll see that you have free access to CareerBurst. I cannot recommend this enough. It will assess your strengths and development requirements and then categorise them to help you understand which ones to push forward and which ones to leave behind. For example, if you are lacking in a particular skill and feel drained by the mention of it, this tool will recommend that you remove it from the agenda. The whole this is very personalisable. Log in and play with the Explore Me area.

    Invest a couple of hours one evening on this site. You will benefit from the time spent on it. 


    P.S. I take my hat off to you as a Social Worker. In my opinion, it is a very noble role that adds value to society. Maybe an HR role in social services would be ideal?

    P.P.S. You have inspired me to run a webinar to introduce people to CareerBurst and show them how to get the most from it! I'll create an event in the Events Calendar today!

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    • Hi Gary

      Thanks for taking the time to respond to me, I really do appreciate it. I guess now is one of the worst times ever to pick to change career, with so many people out of work and looking for lower entry roles due to Covid. I will keep positive and do all that you suggest and I will make sure I sign up for your careerburst webinar. 

      Many thanks and stay safe, G. 

  • Hi Glenis sorry to hear you are feeling this way, I have started of at the bottom of the chain as an administrator but I was working for the company before this. I would advice keeping up to date with the cipd website they post webinars and events on there to support and offer advice. I notice they have one coming up about moving up in the pandemic and one coming up about career paths, this might help you

    Also network through site such as LinkedIn, 

    All the best :) 

    Webinars | CIPD
    CIPD experts, leaders and practitioners tackle the key issues and questions facing the people profession
    • Oh thank you for replying, it's really appreciated. I will look into your suggestions and see what comes my way. It just feels like banging my head against a wall sometimes. All the best, G. 

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