Interview - dream role

Hi all :)


I have just received news that I have an interview for my dream role in the company I work in.. role being a regional People Partner.


I really want to give myself the best possible chance of being successful if anyone has any tips or advice who is a HR professional? I really want to stand out from the crowd :) 

I have just qualified in my CIPD level 5 diploma and think that have really helped me get to interview stage 



many thanks 

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  • Congratulations on securing the interview Hayley! I agree with everything Helen has posted below, especially around asking questions. I think a great way to make yourself stand out is the questions you ask during the interview. Interviewers probably get asked the same questions over and over again, but if you can ask a couple of 'different' or insightful questions that actually make them stop and think about their answers, it will impress them. And as this part of the interview is usually at the end, it's a great way to end on a positive note and make yourself memorable! 


    A question I've asked before that went down well was "How is the HR function perceived within the business?" - What's their reputation? Are they a valued function within the business? How do they know this? I've found this makes them think and reflect, and they give an honest answer around their strengths and weaknesses as a function. Asking something like this shows you care about how the HR function is perceived and that you're interested in developing that reputation. 


    Another good question is around company values - I've asked before, "Which of your company values resonates most with you, and why?" - this shows you've done research on their values and that an organisation's values are important to you. I've found this is quite a light-hearted question to ask and allows the interviewers to open up a bit. Just make sure you're prepared for them to ask you the same question! 


    I hope that is helpful - just a couple of examples, but I do think asking great questions is a good way to stand out so I would spend some time thinking about what to ask. Good luck!!

  • Hi Haley

    Congratulations for getting an interview!

    • Research the company thoroughly and be able to confidently explain what they do and why you want to work there. What challenges might the company face?
    • Find out what you can about the interview process and who will be interviewing you.
    • Go through the job description and person specification and think of examples of where you meet the requirements. The STAR model can be helpful for doing this.
    • If you don't meet some of the criteria (desirable ones) think of relevent transferable skills you have or how you would bridge a gap.
    • Think about how you can add value and what makes you different to all the other applicants e.g. your relevent industry experience, your alignment to company values.
    • Be ready to answer questions about your CPD and development/career plans.
    • Think of some questions to ask which highlight your interest in the role. Remember it is a two way process,
    • Ensure you are up to date on HR 'hot topics'.
    • Above all, be yourself. You will need to think on your feet a bit when answering questions even with thorough preparation and trust in yourself to do this - let your personality shine through! 

    After the interview take some time to reflect and think about what went well or anything you would do differently; whether you get the role or not this could be useful in the future.

    Good luck Hayley, you'll smash it I'm sure! :-)



  • Congratulations on the interview!

    Have you logged into CareerBurst? If you type 'Interview' into the search bar at the top-right corner once you are in, you'll find some articles about how to conduct interviews. This might help to give you a kind of 'backstage pass' to know what to prepare for.


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