Hi All,

I have not done anything Level 5 related for almost 10 months. I have only complete module 1 successfully! Still have a referral to do on module 2. i basically paused as i don't feel good enough :-( 

Where and HOW do I even begin to pick this back up? Started a new job in HR and think this would now be extremely beneficial. but i am not book smart AT all. i am a google and find the answer type of person! I dont feel good enough like I will be able to do it. Has anyone ever failed completely?




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  • Congratulations on the new role! 

    I am in exactly the same position Emma Proverbs.

    I was under the impression there would be some support outside of the online stuff as I'm not good online but not even one reminder or offer of support. I worry I have thrown my entire savings down the drain.

    I submitted my first assignment in May 2020 and now have the remainder to complete in a very short time period. I think short manageable chunks is definitely the key!


    Best of luck and if you need anything please feel free to reach out.

  • I feel exactly the same. Online learning is really tough and i wish i'd gone to college one day a week instead! You feel completely isolated, have you joined the whatsapp groups for each module?Honestly they're great i wouldnt have coped without them. Once you do the next one you'll get back in the swing of it, i'm up to EML and still really struggling! 

    Good luck


    • Hi Tracy, Can you please help me to get connected with the whatsapp groups for each module. I have submitted 1st one but it get rejected with no remarks by assessor. And most of the webinars are matching to UK time and I am in India. Can you please help me to get into those groups.


      • Hi Anshu

        Yes of course but i'd need your mobile number to do that.....

        • My mobile number is +91 9560309191.

          • Morning Anshu, i've asked the administrator to give you access to EML, once you have that you can ask people to add you to the others i dont have them because i exit the group once i've passed the assignment otherwise its constant chats i dont need access to. Let me know how you get on, if you dont get access i'll ask someone else to add you.


  • Hi Emma,

    I hope you are well. :-) 

    I am more or less in the same situation as you but I haven't submitted my first assignment yet. So well done on your first assignment! I think it's pretty daunting to study at this level if you haven't studied for a while or not at this level before. 

    I would definitely say to reach out to the Learning Coordinators and attend the webinars as it can really help to gain some reassurance and help to put you back on track. 

    I hope this helps! :-) 


    - Aimes x 

  • Hi Emma

    Please be aware that you have posted in a forum about CPD and Careers.

    If you want to discuss your points with DPG staff, click the Help & Support tile on the Enable LMS homepage.

    If you want to discuss your points with DPG students, click the Your programme specific study group tile on the Enable LMS homepage.


    Best wishes,


  • Hi Emma congrats on your new job.

    I followed a similar path to yourself, passed DVP and then referred for CHR and it felt like a was climbing a huge wall.

    As Amy said, break into small chunks think only of the next module each time and then mentally it's an easier battle.

    You can do this!

  • Hi Emma, 

    first;y well done on your new job. This in itself proves you ARE good enough. Take it in steps and plan out your study, don't look to far ahead and just take it a module at a time. You will get there. Good luck

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