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  • I attended the Managing Imposter Syndrome and I was blown away by the emotion of the session. The session had fantastic content. This is 29 minutes and 9 seconds of time well spent - and you can add it to your CPD log!

    Watch the recording here:

    You'll need to have set up your free CareerBurst account to follow that link. If you haven't already set up your account (where have you been?! You are missing out!), click here and you'll see instructions on the right on how to set up your account. It is a very short process and spam-free.



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    • Hi

      Anjana kumari , Sonya Andonova , Mr Zac Coutinho , Jennifer Wright , Divina Allen , Angela Hendry, Claire Mills, Amalia Savinescu, Verbena Willett , Michelle Keene , Melanie Taylor , Rebekka Dickinson and Vaida Devene 

      It was great to see so many of you were able to attend.

      What did you think of the event? 

      Was this your first webinar via CareerBurst?

      Would you recommend the webinar?

      I'd love to see your thoughts here. 😊

      • Hi Gary,

        Sarah’s story really resonated with me. I found it very reassuring as I have felt like that many times and especially during Covid-19 but seeing this webinar has provided a supporting hand to stop and think. This is my third webinar as previous attended “Challenge as a vehicle for career success” which was so helpful that it acted as a catalyst for me to follow other webinars. I definitely would recommend that others (if they can find time) should look at these webinars with Sarah and Phil as they provide some insightful thoughts and information.

        • Thanks for sharing, Zac.

          I'm so pleased that you've been inspired to keep watching. I really like the way that Sarah not only gives tips, but she also makes sure that we can take away actions to go and put into practice.

          Often they are quite easy actions and leave me thinking "Why didn't I think of that?"


      • Hi Gary,

        I really liked the webinar and Sarah's story was so inspiring! I had never actually given imposter syndrome that much thought until I watched the webinar. 
        It was actually my second webinar, I attended Defogging your CV before that and found it quite useful. It made me look at my CV from a different perspective and I will definitely be using Sarah's top tips. 😊


        • I couldn't agree more. Sarah's story was definitely inspirational and it was reassuring that imposter syndrome is so common and can almost get to us without us noticing.

          I liked the Defogging your CV one too. I had my CV open on another screen and was sat there striking things off my CV during the webinar!

          I was in a meeting with Sarah yesterday and she was saying how one of the things she views as a 'must have' in her work is that she doesn't just stop at theory and advice - she has to include practical tips that we can go and apply. I've paraphrased there but that was definitely the sentiment. I'm a big fan of her work.

          Career Community
    • I found another bite-sized article on CB that contains great advice on taking on challenges. I think the advice is also applicable to manage imposter syndrome:


      Career Community
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