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I've been looking forward to bringing this to you for quite some time! We have now launched our CPD and Career Development Forum which gives you free access to CareerBursts. Amongst other fantastic tools, you'll find:

- A cloud-based CPD tracker which time stamps your work and remembers your CIPD number. It's so much easier to use than a WORD template and the CIPD will accept this instead of the WORD template. 

- Personalised evidence-based career advice for the short, medium and long term.

- Self-assessment tools that don't just list your strengths and weaknesses - they explore them in-depth and help you to build an agenda for development.

- Opportunites to seek out mentors.

- Secure and private space to record your thoughts and development.


Community members who are studying with DPG have free access. If you aren't currently studying with us, please enjoy 3-months free access on us. The normal purchase cost of CareerBurst is £100 per year. 

I'll be sharing my journey through CareerBurst in this forum. I hope you will too. I'm excited to know what you think!

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                • I'm so glad to hear it! 😊

                  • Hi Gary! 

                    Is it possible that my CPD log dissapeared? 

                    I haven't logged in this week. Now it's empty :( 

                    • Wonderful news! Enjoy 😊

                    • Thank you Gary Norris ! I logged in and everything is there now. I'm so happy :))

                    • Hi Ana Maria Talpalaru 

                      I bring good news. The amazing Sarah at CareerBursts has fixed everything. Next time you log in you should be back to where you expect to be. Log in with the first password you chose (if you can't recall it simply use the 'forgotten password' option and check for the resulting email in your spam/junk).

                      The reason it appeared to be gone was that we had duplicated your account. This resulted in one account with all your activity and a new account with no activity. The latter has now been removed. This has been a good experience for me as I can see the reason this happened - and we know how to prevent it reoccurring. Maybe I should put the experience in my CPD log! 😉

                      Come back to me with any questions. It's great to see you using CareerBurst so much! 



                    • Hi Gary. All the other career tests results as well are gone. About 13-14 entries in the CPD. It looks like I never logged in. 

                      Can it be that the system overrode your manual override once more? 

                      I received an e-mail to log in to the Career Burst few days after you sorted out my log in. 

                      I was so excited my CPD is nearly ready to be submitted. :-( 

                    • Hi Ana

                      How many entries did you have?

                      We'll look into this as I've never heard of this happening elsewhere.

  • I love the Career Tactics page. I'm looking through the one on Direction right now. I can so see this as basis for the conversation I would have in an appraisal or interview. I really must commit this to memory and have answers up my sleeve: https://www.careercommunitydpg.co.uk/apps/careerBurst/tactics/conve...
    Career Community
  • LOVING this! I've been trying to find an app I could log my CPD through so that I don't always need access to the document when updating in my lunch hour etc. This solves the problem! And the other content is great too - thanks!
    • Hi Roslyn
      We've used your quote in a promotion video. You are famous :)
This reply was deleted.

Getting started with your CPD and Career Development area

To access CareerBurst, click here and sign in using the email address that you use for the DPG Community. The first time you sign in your password is: Car33r2020

You will be asked to set a new password on your first visit.

(if all else fails: click the Forgotten Password option - the resulting email may land in your spam/junk)

Then return to this forum and share your thoughts!


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