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I've been looking forward to bringing this to you for quite some time! We have now launched our CPD and Career Development Forum which gives you free access to CareerBursts. Amongst other fantastic tools, you'll find:

- A cloud-based CPD tracker which time stamps your work and remembers your CIPD number. It's so much easier to use than a WORD template and the CIPD will accept this instead of the WORD template. 

- Personalised evidence-based career advice for the short, medium and long term.

- Self-assessment tools that don't just list your strengths and weaknesses - they explore them in-depth and help you to build an agenda for development.

- Opportunites to seek out mentors.

- Secure and private space to record your thoughts and development.


Community members who are studying with DPG have free access. If you aren't currently studying with us, please enjoy 3-months free access on us. The normal purchase cost of CareerBurst is £100 per year. 

I'll be sharing my journey through CareerBurst in this forum. I hope you will too. I'm excited to know what you think!

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                  • Hi Gary, I've got the same issue too so would be interested to know when it is resolved. Thanks

                    • Hi Helen

                      The site developers have come to the rescue again, taken on your feedback and made it so that surnames and CIPD numbers appear on the PDF versions.

                      Sarah at CareerBurst has asked me to thank you for your feedback 😊

                    • Thanks Gary, I've entered my CIPD number into the log as well as my full name, however neither show up when I press print. I can send you a screenshot if it's helpful, but I'm really at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks

                    • Hi Helen Evans 

                      Yeah, you'll have to enter your CIPD number into the log. We don't do that as we don't store CIPD numbers for data protection reasons. Once you have entered it in the box, you won't have to do it again.

                      It's normal to only see your first name on the screen. When you press print, you'll see that the PDF shows your full name.

                      All valid questions which could help other people reading this thread, so thank you!


                    • Thanks Gary, that's great. Sorry, I also have another question. I'm intending to save and upload for the DVP assignment. The CIPD membership number doesn't appear at the top of the document, it doesn't even give my full name like it does on the assignment template. Assuming they need to be there so it can be submitted? Thanks

                    • Hi Helen Evans and Simon Bond 

                      The development team at CareerBurst have responded and done a fantastic job of building a fix. Sarah from CareerBurst has asked me to pass on her thanks for the feedback. Your feedback has been used to improve the setup 😊

                      The print function is now available for last year's entries, as is the edit function. You can archive a year at a time if you like, this will remove the print and edit function.  You can subsequently unarchive each year and the print and edit function will restore.

                      Take a look.

  • Hi Gary, I am unable to login into CareerBurst. I have followed the steps you provided. I tried the forgotten password option, it told me I was not registered.

    • Hi Simon Bond 

      I've sorted this out for you now. The delay in the activation of your profile is because we do a batch upload of new users and we haven't redone that since you joined us. But I've gone into the system and manually added you now so you'll be able to log in right away. I registered you with the email address you used for the Enable LMS. Let me know if you need that changing.

      Enjoy and I'd love to hear what you think of it.


  • Hi Gary,

    Do you reccomend that we transfer current log onto this?


    thanks :)

    • Hi Joe Burton 

      You could. I guess you need to consider how long that will take.

      How much work have you put into the log so far?

      I see no reason why you couldn't.


This reply was deleted.

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(if all else fails: click the Forgotten Password option - the resulting email may land in your spam/junk)

Then return to this forum and share your thoughts!


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